F-22 Raptor Stealth Tactical Fighter • Like It Or Not
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- The F22 Raptor may be the best Air Superiority Fighter in the World!
- F22 best of the best
- korea 우리나라에도F35.2018온다40대
- 3 58 la mejor parte
- How can you not?
- I was wondering...maybe it can dodge one missile...but what about several?
- In Serbia every stealth is visible
- Beautiful aircraft. Always been a fan of the raptor and it's great knowing it is a ally plane.
Good job america from a fellow friend from Britain.
- Great weapon !
- waayyyyy better then pak-flop and junk-20
- Like the design, but fuck the price tag and it's use.
- the F-22 and the F-15 are both great planes but the F-35 supposedly sucked by the marines standards the navy wanted a plane that could constantly take a beating and the marines wanted a plane that they could land any where that was flat so they used the F-15 model frame and made the F-22 which was and is better then the F-35 in many ways i personally like the RAF tornado aircraft so yeah.
- love it
- Do 1 on 1 dogfights exist in modern days?? I bet this thing will lose every 1on1... It's super slow and I feel like it's agility is very very bad it looks heavy, won't do sharp turns
- #sexy
- USA baby
- The luxury fighter
- Japs are dying to get hands on F22 from the US. Toshiba sold advanced CNC machines which Russians used to build silent submarines to challenge the US submarines. Japanese shouldn't be trusted with advanced weapons.
- esses nao sao F22 sao pak fas