F-22 Raptor vs Eurofighter Typhoon.
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- thank fuck for the mute button !!...
- F-22 Raptor Is all over the Euro fighter because it is made in the USA BABBY :D and hew is gonna fuck with USA with there fighter jet's and there milatery budget is much more then the hole of EU combined so that means USA can make up far more advance air craft then anyone else GO THE USA!!!! ( im Australian ) if your thinking if im American and to be on there side im live in Australia
- I had been going (until they closed Leuchars) to an Airshow since 1994, And I have to be honest the Typhoon was an amazing bit of kit, by far out performed an F-16 or Mig-29, the play boys of the generation,(F-15 is just a killer but prob no mach against a Typhoon)... lets be honest its most likely adversery, as for the the F-22... a plane no country in the world can afford barring a patchwork sqaudron for the yanks... unless we ever get invaded by independence day aliens they are obsolete, as America will never risk the tech going awol or showing the true tech against a western Allie including the UK
- music?
- I think we can safely assume that both these planes will eventually be obsolete in 20 years. a new generation of high G, inexpensive (relatively), smaller, stealthy and highly mobile UAVs will replace manned jets.
Also, Russia certainly should not be considered an enemy. working together we can begin to focus on the real threats to a peaceful world.
- This was flawed comparison from the first second. Typhoid Mary has no thrust vectoring, super-cruise, stealth, modern composites, proven radar absorbing materials, nor onboard supercomputer processing. The Eurofighter looks like a flying Pakistani Bus with 29 big things hanging off even panel - almost begging the Russians the track it! . The Typhoon was designed to be a "lightweight fighter" - well said. Lightweight indeed. Germany recently cancelled their multi-billion euro order for this faux-stealth blast-from-the-past. European countries are bailing out of this jet in favor of the similarly flawed F-35 which the F-22 also leaves behind- like a Fiat 500 with bald tires and a bad clutch racing a LaFerrari or Aventador. Severe turbulance is making many Typhoons "unflyable". Austria is trying to get out of their deal and resorting to a claimed bribery scandal as a handy excuse. Agile it is..and I suspect they may become amateur show planes in the near future when the real price is computed. This is a truly lightweight, too short, pile-junk-on-the-wings plane not ready for the 21st century. Russians will eat it for lunch.
- I'm proud that the U.K. and U.S. are allies now. If only the F-22 didn't cost $300,000,000. I'd chose instead of the F-35 any day.
- It's a draw
- Both equally as sexy, but the eurofighter has the edge. Makes me think of the vulcan, cant help but feel nostalgic
- You're comments are stupid. The Eurofighter is an amazing fighter. I am an American and our F-22 and 35 program has gone way over budget, The Eurofighter is a proven fighter much like our F-15 or 16, but sadly they are too old to keep servicing. Unfortunately we bought in to a very (Extremely) expensive fighter option that said it could be the best fighter in the world. Like I said before, I'm American and have some knowledge into this fight. While the F-22 program seems to still be going strong the F-35 is done. Its simply a waste of cash. And most enlisted pilots still think with the upgrades that have been employed in the F-15 and new technology and systems, it makes it useless to have a new fighter that the US can't afford to have in the ready at a cost for the American taxpayers. Long story short, there are many other capable fighters out there that don't cost $150 million +,. We have a hard on when it come to keeping our country ahead of the game. And rightfully so. Others out there want to see the US fall/fail and we can't allow that. Bottom line.
- Guys, both are better than each other depending on the situation.
- Nice video but thank God for the mute button!
- 2 awesome gen 5's....would be a helluva battle.
- Most of the comments on here are so childish. I'm not even convinced half of these people are aviation enthusiasts. Although the video is titled "F-22 Raptor vs Eurofighter Typhoon" please explain where in the video any comparison is made? There's shots of both aircraft in different stages of flight, and thats about it. Lets all not get our knickers in a twist as most if not all won't be flying either of these craft, or any aircraft for the matter, it's got nothing to do with WWII and Americas late entry into it, it's got nothing to do with UK vs USA or Europe etc etc. It's a video showing some clips of the 2 planes.....that's it?! Both great aircraft that should be appreciated in their own rights. Trolls, bitches and moany f*****s a like, feel free to leave the room now.
- wiki meteor missile it mentions f22 raptor! long winded though!
- The Eurofighter Typhoon has the highest top speed and longest range of any comparable aircraft to date. What do you expect when you have British and German engineers working on one project together?
- I think people are forgeting that the Typhoon and Raptor were both designed roughly 10-20 years ago with a couple years between when they were introduced so it makes a difference a couple of years
- f22 raptor goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
- I love seeing all these comments claiming one aircraft is superior to another.  These two planes will never face off. America would never get into a war with any country that has a Eurofighter.  They're very close allies. Instead of making a F-22 vs Eurofighter video, a video that could preview a dogfight that could happen would be the f-22 vs su-35 or Eurofighter vs su-35.
- does any1 have any meaningful stats? such as power/weight, roll, climb,payload?
looking at what I know, at range, then f22, in close Eurofighter???