F-22 Raptor vs Mig-35
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- +LVestly he was 15, much older than you. He was just trying to compare 2 planes. So fuck off.
- +LVestly he was 16, much older than you are now. He was just trying to compare 2 aircrafts. So you can just fuck off kid.
- Let's put it into practice. If the US would enforce a no fly zone over Northern Syria, and Russia has deployed some of it's aircraft, could Russia then seriously challenge the enforces of the NFZ?
- mmm..i think a Sukoi-27/ SU-27 can take the F-22 Raptor..oldo the Rapture looks very intence....nice plane..but not that nice..
- Esta demás comparar, mejor el Mig 35 el F22 ya no se fabrica p
- Russians... yeagh you keep telling yourself you're better but really you aren't a contender
- The MiG-31 on high altitude can go mach 2.83 (3000 km/h - 1860 mph), F-22 on high altitude can go mach 2.25 (2,410 km/h - 1500 mph), so MiG-31 is faster and more maneuverable than the F-22.
- There insulting Russians in this video  
- Sorry америкосы, but that are wrong facts. A t least I know that Mig's top speed is over 2.600 kph and range over 3000 km so go fuck yourself stupid colony of Indonesian teabags
- One more thing the f 22 is stealth the mig wouldn't of knew what hit it cuz it would already be dead
- Comparing 60 million dollar MIG31 against 150 million dollar F22 ?????
- The MIG has much better armour plating and much better weaponary, the F22 may have the agility but it'll take a lot to take down the 31
- Mig 35 would have good chance in dogfight anyway. Good missiles and turns very good. 
- The mig35 is vary good but its not ass good ass the F22
- Mig has no Stealth.. That Raptor just looks fantastic !!  Makes the Mig look old.
- A10 shoots down all the Russian Planes.
- t-50 is weak against f-22 cuz f-22 is faster than pakfa and they may copy the design but it doesnt mean thier stronger sorry for russia
- Lots of shit talking, while America still leads the world in science, technology & innovation. #Facts 
- You are stupid, you must compare f22 (6th gen jet) with the russian 6th generation jet, the SU-T50 , then u will see that f22 sux, sorry for america