F-22 Raptor Vs Sukhoi PAK-FA Features And Comparison
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- F 22 is the Best
- I think the winner is Sukhoi Pak Fa...
- f22 or faggot-22 doesn't have any IRST Pod neither it has a helmet mounted targeting system :-p
T-50 has total 4 radars in . 1 in front, 2 L band on wing tip and one X band in rear, but faggot-22 dosent have it
t-50 has larger fuel capacity and higher t/w ratio than faggot 22
and cost?? faggot 22 costs 143 m where t-50 costs 50mil :-p
and murican retards say their faggot-22 is better than T-50 :-p
how asshole they are :-/
- Whoever gets to fly either one of these is a lucky mother bitch
- This isn't a really fair comparison since you're comparing the F-22, which has 20 years of work behind it to the T-50 which is just in prototype phase with less than 5 years of work behind it. The T-50 still has a longer range, more maneuverable, and is faster, which is pretty amazing given that it only has 5 years behind it and a budget smaller than $6 billion compared to the F-22's $66 billion dollar budget.
- Both are so nice.
- indo - Russian FGFA will be 3 times better than original pak-fa ....
most stealthy , most maneuverable most better and most beautiful and sexy than any f-22 ....
- I love the PAK-FA, I think it's a sexy beast. But seriously though, how can those giant engine nozzles be stealth. The whole rear of the engine is uncovered pretty much.
- Guys the F-22 is in service the Sukhoi PAK-FA is in prototype phase, end of discussion.
- Omg
- sukhoi is better if those numbers are correct
- I don't see how anyone can rely on Wikipedia stats for classified aircraft specs.
- Heres the Comparison Pak Fa 4 produced and have been determined not to be any where close to a Stealth - F-22 208 Produced and flying in service
- Oh and one last thing trying to copy American planes wont help much,the look might be close but the ability is anything but close,thats as far as you get ,trying to look good ,good for moral hahaha
- Thanks for this video Bro!I just learned something new, Good job!!!
- so the russian plane is better according to the stats...??/
- built 30 years too late and still 30 years behind
- both aircrafts amazing !!!!
- well the f22 would probably win based upon the fact that the t 50 is just a Russian pipe dream
- Both are amazing...