F-22A Raptor Aircraft & B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber Fly Over Guam
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- That small group can take on an enemy AFB
- why is there lag in this video. It makes it look animated
- we can speak and hate and whatever,but thes two are the best!
- Where i can buy 1 of this ?! D:
- Why in Guam and not even closer to China ? 
I want to see the J-11 and J-10 whoop those 3....
- Merica!!!! 
- every pilot watching this should know the Horten Ho 229 but the U.S.A.F did a great job on the evolution of the Horten Ho229
- Amazing aircraft, let's hope we stay ahead of the game when it comes to stealth aircraft. USA all the way. 
- …well…ask ANY B-2 bomber pilot if he would be willing to fly his aircraft over enemy territory IN DAYLIGHT!!!...such an enemy being armed with surface-to-air and air-to-air systems...passively guided (optical and infrared)...not in the least concerned with radar electromagnetic "scattering"....apologies folks...the B-2 "stealth" bomber is a "sitting (excuse me...FLYING DUCK) at other than EM radar frequencies. 

When explaining this rather fundamental concept to folks...I draw the Pearl Harbor "battleship row" to the flight line (where I was stationed) of Whiteman AFB 509th Operations...that is...battleship row was designed for open sea...the USAF 509th's [14 bombers at 38deg 43min 50.60sec N / 93deg 33min 19.92sec W]...for 393 B-2 Bomber Squadron for non-daylight hours (unless standoff ranges are employed)...and straying from their designed missions leads to certain DISASTER...(i.e. the F-117A shoot-down on 27 March 1999...and of course they would have PREFERRED the much larger and more contrasted B-2 SPIRIT Bomber)...

- Put the B1 behind the B2 with 2 F35 wingmen : )
- A thought. Those who would wonder if the reptilians were a real race, well hints are everywhere to their existence among us, and being a part of the rest. Names, names like Raptor, is one. Viper, can be another. And there's many names in the military use. Hints whose behind the big military industrial complex. And that was just an example of many, and was just the surface of the subject. And this race is a human race as well. DNA mix assures this.
- Oh you didn't know.
- Oh their in the airplane too.
- +Michael Jensen, it alone won't you jerkoff.!:(:P
- It makes me crap my ass everytime I see it.:)
- +Michael Jensen, nope it won't.