F-35 - A Pilot's Perspective
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- In the scientific world, we would describe our reactions as getting massive boners.
- A promo video by Lockheed Martin. Therefore no mention of how this is a lemon with wings
- canada needs a twin engine jet not a boring single. all its got is a little stealth and a computer system that would freeze up in winter. who ever buys these jets in canada should be smacked.
- you will not answer to me but I have to ask are u ok?
- when Russian su' s shoot you down you will wonder why you are on a parachute
- the biggest scam in HISTORY
- Biased depositions but Lokeed has the right to put forward its point of view
- can't even beat a f16
- Can someone give me song name?
- "A well paid pilots perspective" is what the headline should be. Its SUCKS!
- Not everyone agrees that it's a delight to fly.

USAF pilots found that it was sluggish and dangerous. Lockheed's program manager suggested that if pilots were afraid to fly the F-35, they should fly cargo airplanes instead. A 2015 Pentagon report found many issues, including its excessive vulnerability to lightning strike.

Outside of Lockheed Martin, the consensus is that the airplane is a monumentally expensive turkey.
- Uneducated naysayers lack the understanding of what the F35 is. I can telk you what its not.... its not just another fast fighter that a jock straps on and becomes an individual in a nice fast jet. Its not an aircraft designed to take hits like the A10 or F15, its not a one hit wonder aircraft that will be used for a decade and sent to the boneyard to rot. The F35 2 is a system inwhich multiple aircraft are linked together along with ground forces, satellites, high altitude recon aircraft and drones to offer real time information and strike capabilities.
- im a jet fighter pilot and i have never flown anything as good as this before
- a question Russia has spent a lot of time and effort to knock this aircraft, if this aircraft is a lemon and total rubbish then surely they would be encouraging their enemy's to buy it. anyone??
- "If I want to go up a bit it goes up a bit"
Man this is what next gen technology is all about
- 😢😢😢😢😢😰 Its so precise.
- Other than stealth technology, the F-35C cannot replace the F-18 what so ever!!!
- This is the pinnacle of human engineering. This is the greatest aircraft ever made, and will stay that way for many years to come. Rest of the world: take notes.
- Come on it's a lemon.