F 35 Lightning 2 Joint Strike Fighter..........
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Czas trwania: 6m 54s
Ocena tzw. rating: 121

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- بصراحه ابداع
- lol. This is an expendive piece of shit, and other planes could do the same but better... I think the SU-35 won this one.
- BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY EVER! Should have been designed and managed here in Europe. - And only the B-series should be put into production. Eurofighter should have been adapted for carrier spec to match equivalent Rafale.

Anyone else got a pit to piss money into?
- I've flown the F35. What a joy!
- theres a reason why theres so much propaganda spread about the f35

russians are scared
- Not so superior... Old tech. Under development.
- If you sit down and think - what would the dream combat jet aircraft be like and make a list, you would get the same list Lockheed Martin pitch when they sell this to govt's. What the F35 does? and does perhaps better than any other current jet? Simple, it makes jobs, and that makes politicians happy - in terms of combat? This wont see real combat for at LEAST 20 years. If ever.
- Lockheed must develop this babe's speed,maneuverability and rate of climb so it can be the best war jet in the skies.
- Little known fact. Us copied air design of sukhoi su27/35 to make it manuever
- Fucking sucks. Some naval airman said its better than f22. I beg to difer sir. Also, he said mig and sukhoi sucks. Not the new ones my friend.
- fuck  usa viva rafal
- Second one i mean.
- What is the name of music?
- @Anh Tuan Phan, i cant reply to your comment directly for some reason. But let me correct you here, its not cheap to buy or cheap at project cost. Its very expensive in those factors. I meant to say cheap in terms of maintenance. 
- They say it's nothing but a lemon...
- This extremely expensive fighter, brought AWESOME... SHAME TO THE US!
- F-35 is not cheap bro