F-35 Lightning II • 1st Arrested Landing On Aircraft Carrier
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- another cool video
- F-35C the best variant, because of enlarged wings
- cool!!!!
- Wow very nice copy of soviet (YAK-141), soviets has plains doing vertical take off in early 80's . Just YouTube (YAK-141 vertical take of ) and you realize we're is your superior plain came from . 
- Serbs will bring down the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II
Serbs destroyed the F-117 and so will break the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II
- Aviation Week reported:
The carrier landing tests of the F-35 are going extremely well.  Quite possibly better than any other aircraft in history.  So far there have been No bolters.  All 3 wire traps.  (One landing was a go around due to the fact that a miscommunication caused the pilot to not lower his tail hook.).   The aircraft maintains glide slope in an entire difference way than its contemporaries allowing amazing precision.  I've read opinions about many aircraft over the years.  Even the F15 - an aircraft has never have been lost due to air-to-air combat.- was condemned when it first went into production.  All the armchair pilots said it was too big, the speedbreak would obscure the pilot's view of his 6, on and on and on.  It is a magnificent aircraft.  So is the F-35.  Remember our enemies only criticize good aircraft.  Contrary to what you might believe, they don't hold our best interests in high regard. 
- Who's arrested?
- That pilot is lucky to fly that aircraft 
- I hope that damn thing is reliable!!!
- На какие "шиши" дорабатываю F-35 ?
- He made that look easy.. 
- Wow !!  An intergalactic Space Craft landing on an ACC !!  Wow !! 
- "Engine one is out!"... "Engine two is....oh crap! I only have one engine!"
Other than that....beautiful plane!
- Awesome!  It's amazing how far we've come, in terms of water based aircraft operations.
- F-35C Lightning II carrier variant Joint Strike Fighter makes aviation history by conducting its first arrested landing aboard an aircraft carrier, the USS Nimitz (CVN 68), off the coast of San Diego. Filmed November 3, 2014.