F-35 Lightning II: Busting Myths - Episode 2
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- The $108 figure is bullshit. This is voodoo economic math that figures not that we will build the 2,443 planes for the USA which won't happen but that all the JSF partner nations will build a total of 3,100 & they also assume that $85 million in 2020 is equal to $75 in 2018. https://www.f35.com/about/fast-facts/cost They are playing games with the math to avoid cutting the program due to defense spending budget caps.
In 2015 the DoD spent $8.4 billion on just the planes without engines that also cost another $1 billion & built 38 planes for a total cost per plane of $247,368,421.05 ea & will have to spend more to repair these planes to the standards set in 2021 FRP standards.


We have built 254 F-35s for $104,656,200,000 that equals $412,032,283 for each plane built thus far.
Every one of these planes have to be repaired. http://www.dote.osd.mil/pub/reports/FY2015/pdf/dod/2015f35jsf.pdf
- Due to the delays and issues would have not have been cheaper to continue prodution the F-22 or bring back the YF-23.
- This might actually be a plane we can use well. The Harrier was not a great plane on paper, but look what its pilots did in the Falklands. Its just that people lways underesrimate the price and promise too much for performance. If this has happened before that does not make it an excuse this time. I have not found these vids of great use.
- A bit bettee than the B2? The B2 is clever, but it is ruddy massive. I note a hisrical downgrade from the maker of the F35 is its claims for the stealth. Enemy will learn ro see it and this plane is obviously a compromise. You can't say its getting ready for the next generation as it will be in servace for a loooong time. If the body is not wide, why do uoi talk about body lift in light of it being smaller. Re reliability? more computers means more problems, are you saying thw f16 and 15 at as complicated as the 35? Also, whats wrong with having two engines. regarding concurrancy, ai saw one of the people in charge of the project saying it is a bad idea. If you say the 35 is cheap then NO ONE BELIEVES YOU!
- how can you say the f35 can hold more cargo than a f18 are you dumb?
- That F 117 was only one that fell down on Serbian ground. There are 2 more that felt on the ground on neighboring countries and two was badly damaged. Also B2 was shot down (spirit of missoury) 1999 over Serbia like other 60 planes during 1999 bombing of Serbia civilians ( say that on purpose becouse of using cluster bombs over city of Nis, bombing refugee columns and so on)so it was not lucky shot like you try to represent it . And for 78 days of day and night bombing Nato maneged to destroy chinese ambasy, 14 tanks, 5 chopers, 10 armored vehicles, 25 planes (only five in combat) and killed 180 soldiers. BTW your stelth works only in x band that only Nato uses and your radar counter-measures works only if radar is constantly emiting. In Serbia we used them in short intervals so you could't destroy any of them and that was all we needed to take down so meny of your planes including stelth ones.
- What about the issue with the F-35 needing more hours on the ground (repair/maintenance) than in the air? (I think it was a 1 to 3 ratio?)
I know one of the reasons Norway wants a new fighter is that the aging F-16 is starting to need more time on the ground than in the air, so if that's even more amplified on the NEW planes, surely that's a big problem.
- For the love of god, don't use dubstep as background music!
- Is it possible to find a way whip so much money to be financed partly from countries in Europe? It is better that the European countries themselves buys a larger aircraft and the end of the story?
- Contrary to this video, Chief of Naval Operation Adm Jonathan Greenert said, "You can only go so fast, and you know that stealth may be overrated.... Let's face it, if something moves fast through the air, disrupts molecules and puts out heat—I don't care how cool the engine can be, it's going to be detectable. You get my point." This statement is in response to the newer Chinese and Russian technology to detect and nullify the F-35's main advantage, stealth.
- The lady doth protest too much, methinks...
- +Aey - Anna Pibulsilp The F-35 is already in service with the US Marines.
Also, your Google account settings are set to prevent anyone from replying to you.
- +Aey - Anna Pibulsilp The F-117 wasn't retired for another 6 years after the shoot-down incident. The primary reason it was retired though was that the F-22 could do [almost] everything the F-117 could and much, much more, while costing about the same per-plane and per-flight-hour. The F-117 in particular had very maintenance-intensive stealth coatings, which made it quite a hangar queen. The B-2 improved on those coatings, the F-22 improved even more and the F-35 is improved even further to the point where you can use the stealth coatings as a door mat and it'll still be good after years of use.
- This is super interesting stuff man! Awesome posts on to ep 3! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TXLq5DBD64
- Damit man you told them witch radar band to use.Nao it's all hopeless.
- So, why can't it use its vectored thrust for combat like the Harrier?
- Thank you for that. We still have a lot to learn about this aircraft. Not everything is classified. Its important to note the tactical advantages and practical use of an aircraft before you comment on its disadvantages. As this is forseen as an aircraft to be in use for a very long time. This has answered my question as far as it's cost to produce. My next question is the cost and time that it takes to service and flight check, its long term reliability, and the terms of which pilots regard the aircraft who are comparing it directly from experience in mulitiple jets in regard to fuel cost. The unpredictable nature of aircraft design can lead to obsoletion. Even new weapons on the ground can lead to this. For example if sometime in the near future discoveries were made in laser tech this could make jets in general a poor choice of equipment to operate. As you can not in any jet out run the speed of light. While this has yet to occur, a military must be prepared for any circumstance. Another consideration should be made in regard to unmanned inexpensive aircraft which could serve the same purpose without risking the lives of pilots. I would think any air force would jump at that advantage.
- Countermeasures will always be developed;and then countermeauses to countermeasures will be developed,its a never ending story.when will we ever grow up?