F-35 Lightning II: Busting Myths - Episode 3
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- I will glad to see this airplane shot down by s400 missile
- F35 is overrated and over selling.... like it is invicible. For that much money spending on it, it is not a successful aircraft. It looks like a nice glossy and nice paint job man. Just look at the Russian's T50 and the chinese J20, they both cost so little and much better designed in term of aero dynamic that the F35. I reckoned, the u.s airforce is not going to order 2500 of this toy.
- What proves that it is what you don't see that will get you killed is something the surviving pilot of the Russian jet that was shot down by Turkey had to say. He said that they did not know that a missile was coming at them until it had already hit their plane.
- Are you a Lockheed fan or Lockheed employee?
- This robot voice gives me the creeps. Lots of people seem to be bent on selling this new plane to the public.
- Dragon029, thanks for these videos man. They are extremely informative and shoot down basically all of the nonsensical arguments against the F-35. I usually direct people to them for education. Keep up the great work.
- Alright so the test pilot said it was at a destinct energy advantage and the idiot making this video said it still fullfills the requirement of being as manvoureable as the F16/f18.
that is just a plain lie. It was less manouverable then a 1990's F16d twin seater with external fuel tanks.
It wasn't a 1970's F16 and it did have the superior GE engine. That was wrong in the russian based media.
- Recent report

- Superb series of videos, very well explained and interesting. I might even go as far as to say you've convinced me the F-35 will be awesome. Looking forward to seeing it at Fairford this summer even more. (Still think they missed a trick not putting in thrust vectoring though)
- How many planes can an f35 theoretically take out on one trip? Because.. can't you just fill a sky with super cheap weapons platforms which have no evasion or movement ability at all, but can shoot long range air to air missiles? So all of these units have to be taken out for the f35 to be able to penetrate the airspace, endlessly sapping its munitions before the enemy force of actual manouverable, expensive aircraft have to enter combat?
- The only Myth you'll be busting here is a plane delivered on time and budget. Who are we kidding this plane is a wreck
- The F-35 has enough manueverability, but won't have to dodge enemy missiles -- It'll shoot them down using the sensors it has. I won't be surprised if it's ECM can fry your brain as it can fry a missile radar.

This jet might just show humanity and Ace Combat experts the depth of collective ignorance.
- I love all the footage from HAFB! Right in my backyard. The F-35 is one badass bird!
- excellent video brother. the F-35 an amazing instrument for total dominance of air defenses. It is an AWACS, tactical fighter, EA aircraft, and is beautifully comprehensive in its capabilities. simply outstanding work debunking the pathetic idiots like Sweetman and Sprey.
- Is data displayed at 16min06 still correct (today it's January 27th 2016)?
- I'm still not convinced. the F-35 may have the sensors, computers and communication abilities to improve it's odds frankly a weapon system needs to be-able to function well on it's own first and foremost. Say what you like about the advances of technology or that a military is always a team effort (which it is) BUT at the end of the day everything must be able to function and function well if all else fails. If I am facing off against an F-35 I'm going to aim to hit it where it's weakest. SO I will Jam or at least figure out a way to reduce it's communications abilities, blind it's sensors and in turn get a more maneuverable dog-fighting jet in close to destroy it. Frankly I've yet to here of an un-jamable communications system or infallible sensors and I don't believe your video's have claimed that the systems the F-35 has are completely infallible (though it hasn't suggested much as to how they would be you don't tell your enemies how to kill you so that's understandable). Now yes a lot of what has been presented here notes that trends in combat make the F-35 likely well suited to the Future of air warfare and I can't really argue with those statistics I don't collect them. However, enemies never play by the rule books missiles were though to be fully ready in Vietnam the NVA-AF got in close and used guns and while it ain't Vietnam you can bet that ever US enemy and their dog is looking for ways to put the F-35 and the whole US interconnected warfare concept in hot water. My point is a smart enemy aims to do what you don't think is likely (Pearl Harbor anyone dare I say 9/11) and the F-35 has so far as the basic air-craft and in aircraft system is concerned doesn't appear to be-able to effectively take on all conceivable situations in all the roles it's been tasked with from my point of view. It may not be as useless as some have claimed it too be but it sure ain't looking like the wonder fighter the US and NATO hope it to be either.
- F35 lightning...
- The dogfighting part is just bull ? Does not happen often ? Happened all the time in the cold war.
- For some reason those videos didn't convince Canada... They won't buy the plane anymore.