F-35 Lightning II: Busting Myths
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- I find it really funny how people critizises the F-35 for not be able to do CAS... CAS is something anyone with any sense would stay away from if given the posibility to archive the same results with out exposing an expensive piece of a equipment like a plane (F-35 or A-10 for that matter) to damage from ground fire. If you do not get shot at... you are sure to not take damage from been shot at... But what do i know?
- Pierre Sprey might disagree with you.
- This is just Re-Hashed crap from the Lockheed Martin Advertising Brochure. Where is the actual myth busting?
- There is also a grand assumption that all the 'network centric' stuff will work and it won't be jammed or compromised in some way. US strategic assumptions about war fighting seem to be like a game where the US is playing on a pitch with no opposition meanwhile the opposition are playing on a totally different pitch, playing a different game using totally different rules.
- this video is stupid, it does not probe anything, vortex on the wing, my god that thing exist on russian planes since mig29 and su27, most planes carry external fuel tanks and weapons so they can not reach maximum speed, that is bullshit, yes they can not but when fight starts they dump fuel tanks and if they need to run they allready do not have rockets because they used them while f35 is still slow peace of shit and so on...
- Sigh designed to but the design has been changed etc etc.Still a bad idea to stick everything on a single airframe.
- F-35 is spectacular disaster
- This is trying to promote the plane it is a pig!
- Annnnd it even can guarantee the safety of the pilot who weights less than 70kg. Well done. Nice myth "busting".
- Lockeeds moneymaker,
- Seriously.. People are expecting this plane to fail on rain . Are you fucking serious ? We are talking about a fighter plane . A plane for roughest environments . People are so fucking adamant about their stupid theories it makes me sick to the bone .
- A turd is a turd no matter how you paint it.
- $163 billion over budget, and seven years behind schedule. Over 1 trillion dollar spent on this POS now, and Lockheed Martin, is expertly practiced in the art of milking the U.S. government for more cash.
- How do you replace the f-117 bomber with 4,000 stealth bombers able to protect themselves unlike f-117 (you lie and say its replacing old aircraft and call it a joint strike fighter) They are for sure up to something, Who the hell needs 4,000 bombers that can carry 23,0000lb payload and fly very long distances at 1000 mph with external fuel tanks only the first wave even needs stealth so to justify 4,000 means only 400 stealth are really needed unless there is multiple invasions simultaneously.
- Dont watch this crap. Stick to the fact about this failed airplane. Lockheed Martin is trying desperatly to cover up all the problems with this inferior plane. F 35 is the most expensive military project ever, and it doesnt even match the performance of an old MIG21. the f 22 raptor was retired due to poor quality, the f 35 is basicly the same plane, just more expensive. F 35 will forever need opgrades an repairs- and one plane cost almost 200 mill Dollars !!!! madness
- strafing the enemy with the main gun is always more effective.
- F35 top speed has not been found yet. So it is probably mach 2.2
- AOA is fine. But can it turn as well? No.
- I am sure F-35 is very good aircraft. And they are not as bad as some of the propaganda that we see from RT New. But there are some legitimate concerns for the operators of this type though: First: SU-27/30/35 will be carrying 10 BVR missiles. So in shoot out, that is a lot of missiles they have to deal with. Second: Sure stealth capability is good currently. But as we see now days. Them Chinese and Russian been churning out new AESA 3D radars faster than Chinese restaurant making noodles. It is a matter of time before they can come up with radar that can and will detect F-35. Last but not least. Is the payload is quite small indeed. I think with that kind of payload, I am sure it would be more efficient to use Tomahawk for the mission.
- Aamrams can be jammed by other fighter jets now, time to rush the IR head for them.