F-35 Lightning II - F35 air show 2015 - F35 attack - The new F-35 Lightning
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- Yeah, it must suck. I am sure that's why Israel and S Korea are buying it because its a piece of crap they of all other nations can just gamble at it, no real threat or anything. Not to mention the UK and Australia. I am sure it really sucks. Specially since the other horrible plane by the same manufacturer is so bad it is deemed illegal to export by the US gov. The negative hype had the Auzzies on the brink of cancellation and then with one classified meeting they fall in line to buying the "pos". Wow it seems that ignorant stupidity has gone global. Me thinks that not even Canada will back out of this one, because this aircraft is a complete game changer. as it progresses not one country will back out. cue the danger zone tom cruise music cause all the aces gonna set me straight fo sho. 5th gen nerdery is lethal. Think of it as the closest to the f22 that usa will ever sell you! Not one nation will back out methinks. Pierre Sprey is lying. One classified meeting is all it took. Its not not like Lockheed Martin have a scary bad ass track record or anything. Oh wait they do! Not one nation will permanently back out of the program mark it down. "can't turn, can't blah blah blah" get real please. Lost a "dog fight" to f16, lies, lies, lies. Write this down: over the next five years the negativity against this aircraft will dissipate and the overwhelming appreciation of the f35 as a fundamental gamechanger will take over public opinion. Engineering marvel
- THE F-35 can't out turn the enemy, it can't out run them, and it costs too much. The enemy will just produce more cheap planes than the F-35 has missiles.
All because the Marines wanted a vertical landing airplane. Who are we going to invade anyway?
Let's put a few shrapnel holes in the plane and see how it does.
- Some of the comments below are ridiculous, misinformed and self serving.

While the F-35 development program has been frustratingly long and expensive, each batch of aircraft has been les expensive than the last, eight batches in all. The next batch will be cheaper yet.

One also has to remember we are dealing with three variants, each performing specific roles with the armed forces of America, the UK, Canada, Norway, Italy, the Netherlands and other countries. The CTOL variant also called the A model ,is an air force multi-role variant with conventional landing and takeoff on runways. The VSTOL variant, also called the B model, replaces the USMC's Harrier II vertical and short field takeoff role. And the CV variant, also called the C model, has longer wing span, greater range and folding wings to,operate off aircraft carriers and replaces the F/A-18A, B, C and D models.

The claims the F-35 it can't turn, climb etcetera are equally dishonest. The A model will do a nine G level turn at corner airspeed and the B and C variants will do at least a 7 g level turn.

One claim was that an F-16 defeated the F-35 in simulated combat. What that person didn't know was the during testing the F-35's software was set to match the F-16's control forces to see how it would co with the same control authority. When the F-35's software was set to full control authority the F-35 easily defeated the F-16.

Last word to all the ill-informed F-35 haters in cyberspace: always engage your brains before putting your mouths -or keyboards-in gear.
- I just looked at another F35 demo video. Al that rock music Again. The things max speed just over Mach 1. No where near Mach 2. Took FOREVER to recover from the STOL mode - almost could not on a a clear day. Pure garbage.

Seems the shots in this video are the best they have to offer. Video clip montages do not equate to high performance manoeuvrability. This thing can outmanoeuvre no missiles. Sitting ducks. Its best option - to hide - if that.
- Cool that it can take off from a conventional carrier with mil power only.
- Во какой скальпель!Это же Россия долго мучится не будет.Чик и все.
- with the money to build this plane i can build 10 drones and shoot this plane down and rearm and shoot more down with just a fraction of the price and still have left over money to buy missiles to shoot more down :P
- it is short fat wings are tiny payload must be short and its speed and range. Why not the YF23???
- le gouvernement belge à bien choisi le f35a pour remplacer tout nos avions f16 belge de la force aerien belge et non le rafale français
- Why feed millions, when we can blow all the money we have on planes!!!!???
- it has to go faster than the f-15 in order for me to be convinced it's worthy
- Good plane I don't know much about it but it locks good t 50 is sisimilar
- the israeli air force will turn them in to a wonder fighter planes , no worries .
- Very unimpressive. I worry that the West has really gone wrong with this one.
- It looks like an old turkey trying to fly. It can't compete with the french Rafale.
- The added music (?) sounds was unfortunate.
- love the music. what is it?
- And whwe's a show? Yes, this ugly fat duck can fly somehow, but what else? Just a boring piece of expensive shit.
- why on a vertical takeoff vehicle you would need a aircraft carrier? pr stunt?
- It's a potato.