F-35 Lightning II Facts
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- Dude, even if i am a russian and indian aircraft fan, i love the f 35 man! Dude its not something like stylish or cool, but its realy cute. Good job usa, indeed.
- Keeps getting lighter and cheaper. When assembly lines are tuned to max cost will be less than a super hornet . The people who opted out will be getting back in (at the end of the line of course).
- Shut up all of you idiots and bigots that don't know crap about this plane! IT'S AN AMAZING PLANE OK?? IT'S SO AWESOME THAT RUSSIA AND CHINA WILL SHIT IN THE PANTS IF THEY EVER DARE TO GO AGAINST IT! What a bunch of losers an resented idiots who know NOTHING! Stop watching RT is Russia media an false propaganda paid by the Kremlin!
- at 1:38, that's the backseat of a 2 seat F-16, not an F-35. Aces II seat, horizontal stabs and the wing rails gave that away.
- I see the haters haven't changed and are still ignorant on how great the F-35s are, poor losers.
- ok this airplane on paper sounds like a great idea but with the way our economy is why are we wasting billions of dollars on a fighter that we DONT need we might as well just go ahead and piss our money away on a jet that can take off like a helicopter its a gimmick with very little practicality in order to take off vertically you have to shorten the wings and have all these extra vertical takeoff mechanisms which sacrifices maneuverability and weighs down the jet just look at the harrier it was a all around decent jet but if it got into air to air combat lets say against a f15 the f15 would turn circles around it and shoot it down easily this jet will be no different why are we wasting money in this when the f 15 and f 16 have been such reliable aircraft when we needed them those are the type of aircraft we need to put our funds towards not gimmick fighters its another f22
- wait, the most complex version reached operational capability before the two others?
- They should've called the F-35 the "Predator" because while it has the latest gadgetry and stealth so it is invisible to the enemy, it might even have triple laser beam sights and a plasma cannon....but like Arnold Schwarzenegger said about the Predator, the F-35 is one ugly motherfucker.
- 1. Who cares about what gen or how old it is what matters is what it can do at the price that it costs.

2. Fighter speed and agility? well mach 1.6 is bomber speed more or less. And it wasn't really that agile either since it was beated the crap out of in that regard by a 20 year old F16 carrying external fuel tanks. It does have good stealth from the front meaning the enemy won't see it coming. But not so great from the rear.

And since it can't outrun any 3-4 gen jet it will be very vulnerable on the way home.

3. How can it be optimized for air to air role and be beaten by a F16D while being a 20 year old newer design?!
Air to ground?! sure it can carry bombs internally and externally. But it can't do close air support like the A-10.
Nor can the F16 it's trying to replace to be fair. You'd need a slower plane that can take a beating for that role. Since that allows you to stay in the hotzone longer and support on short notice.

The F35/F16 can only deliver bombs like a pizza driver delivers your pizza in 30 minutes. after a call that your hungry.

4. I think making 3 variants was a mistake. Especially the STOVL one is extremely complicated by design. Then it fattens the other versions of the plane for no reason. I can endorse making a carrier and land based version of the same plane. Since structural differences in this case are less incompatible. Good example of this done right is the French Rafale. The most capabale carrier fighter currently in existence.

5. It's not operational. Yes the marine gave it that status but has been extremely vague in what missions it can actually perform now. All flights thus far have been testflights or training. It was a so-called paper launch and they are not available for conflicts yet.
- stop producing. Take everything we've learned and redesign with two of those engines. It's our only choice.
- F-35 is awesome.  Hope the US doesn't slash the planned 2,400 to be built.
- The amount of fools who think they know what they're talking about...There is no such thing as a "one does all" aircraft. All aircrafts are mission and task specific.
- You know the US propaganda is good when everybody(even retarded US citizens) are on the internet talking shit about their programs.
- Critics gave both the f16 and f15 crap when they first went into production . The f16 had only one engine and was under powered and not sophisticated enough , the f 15 was to big to expensive and relied to heavily on technology . Both aircraft turned out to be the best fighters jets in the world , the f 35 won't be any different !
Lockheed Martin isn't in the business of building flying dump trucks unlike Russia's pak fa or the Chinese j 31 !
- Haha !
Poor Uncle Sam.
- I thought the F35 was project was put on hold since they 'discovered' it was junk in a dog fight; due to it's under par maneuverability.
- This piece of Trash will never replace the A10 Thunderbolt II... F14 sure... F15 sure... F16 sure... F18 sure... Harrier sure... but.. none of them can do what the A10 can!!!!