F-35 Lightning II Flight Test Aboard Carrier - Compilation
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Czas trwania: 2m 0s
Ocena tzw. rating: 165
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- если рассмотреть внимательно взлёт то по ходу самолёт взлетал пустой без загрузки и с минимальным количеством топлива вероятно для отработки взлёта и посадки, хорошая устойчивость при посадке
- I like the C version. It looks like it has a normal size wing. Does anybody know if it turns better as a result (compared to the A and B)
- This music is god awful. Almost ruins a great video..
- The plane is awesome
- F-35 urgente
- Very nice
- I prefer the raptor.
- meh
- F-35 is awesome
- I just hope this plane turns out to be as good as it costs.
- Epic!
- which one is trolling. music or aiirsource?
- need some epic music not this stupid one...
- Still pisses me off that our governments (us & uk) both had the ultra secret plans and files on this aircraft stolen by Russia and China
- The music is stupid
- worst music ever
- Nice beat!