F-35 Lightning II Helmet Mounted Display System & Simulator
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- This shit would have been useful in bf4 where everything beneath you in the f35 is a giant ass blind spot lol
- Thanks for this video Bro!I just learned something new, Good job!!!
- Still prefer the f22 over the f35
- That simulator display system is the same as what is going to be the next upgrade for the F/A-18F Super Hornet under the "Advanced Super Hornet" system with the Conformal Fuel Tanks and enclosed weapons pod.
- Projected to cost $400,000. Yes beyond the JHMCS but just like everything else F-35 bloated. The tax payers are getting robbed on this program. The weakest link in combat aviation is now the aircrew. Unmanned is cheaper and more capable. DOD stop buying the past.
- jack mack these helmets give huge advantage in a dog fight...     proven with eurofighter and striker

problem with this one according to the test pilot is that its too big and you cant turn your head when in the aircraft
- Lol...HMD systems isn't real time. There is possibility of delay time. Even in milliseconds, your target may be behind you locked!
- Cockpit uhuehuehuehueh
- really is some piece of propaganda ain't it lol fails to mention however how its not even near combat ready the outrageous
 price of the program lol
- Military supersecret stuff, let's put it on YouTube for everyone
- I like how they really displayed the helmet so much......
- I find it a bit disturbing, that a piece of military equipment designed primarily for killing people is referred to as 'cool'
- This guys voice was really annoying.. It's like he was trying to be excited but just couldn't give a shit about the product. Either that or a terrible actor.
- awesome video, but WAY TOO CHEESY..... but awesome video
- This will help deliver all that freedom!
- what a surprise that the tower he was bombing looks like a Minaret and the jet he was after looked like a mig-29 (russian jet)
- let me guess it breaks all the time was delayed and came way over priced with a limited capability 
- murrriiiccccaaaaa fuk ya
- Why wasn't the helmet being used in the simulator?
- lmao...fkn remarkable! It's getting to the point it's no contest.