F-35 Lightning II • Hot Refueling + Aerial
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Czas trwania: 5m 57s
Ocena tzw. rating: 3190
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- what video game is this?
- AWESOME!!!!!! Love the videos!!
- Freaking fantastic... I love this!!!!! Thanks a lot.
- Obviously not full service station. They didnt clean the windshield :)
- Ugly looking a/c! A greta embarrassment to mention it's a huge failure in design and technology - what a waste of taxpayers money!!!
- The f-16 is better at dogfight than the f-35
- Meanwhile the Russians and every other nation is laughing at this plan turkey of a plane.
- Mmm, can almost smell the jet fuel.
- Tim Blizzard douche fan boy. The programme director got fired and she was a family member. It is a pile of shit.
- Wouldn't it be cool if you could land those into the C 130
- What a beautiful airplane, like flying a Ferrari around town.
- россии пиздец...США уничтожит все российские самолёты...
- My question is does it have cup holders?
- that thing looks so unestable do you see how many tiny adjustments it does when taking off and at landing ??
- Hl, How Origiqal. shake apparel What's your opinion about tmis
- What a dog! good thing the Chicom's copied it. It would never win a war.
- 3:16 "I can't. I just can't. Ohmygod Rolanda I just can't. I can't even right now."
- Just had to ask, how hot can it get in the cockpit, on the tarmac??? Surely they don't have crisp climate control air con in there??...