F-35 Lightning II Love It Or Hate It • It's Here To Stay
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- People who hate on the F35 hate on the version that got beat by the F16, that version had no advanced CPUs on it lol
- Nıce aırcraft.how many pıeces buılt?
- When has the F22 been used against the full might of the Russian or Chinese military? It hasn't and it never will unless it's the end of the world.

Great aircraft and technology but a waste of time and money. The same goes with the F35.

Current generation aircraft have almost exclusively been used in all military actions and have been more than enough to get the job done. Sheez look at the A-10 still slogging away

Armed UAVs are the future and the military should have merely sort cheaper and improved current generation fighters instead of expensive next gen that will have technology that isn't needed for most, if not all, of the conflicts that they are used in.

Again. The F35 will only be used against Russia & China if its Doomsday.
- The only good thing about this jet is the F-35B ... and it would have been cheaper without all the stealth crap built into it. The Russians will find a way to beat stealth technology.

The future of Airforces is not stealth fighters but unmanned armed vehicles.

Current aircraft like the F 15/16/18 should have be merely improved and made cheaper instead of spending billions on next gen MANNED aircraft. smh.
- The people who hate it simply do not understand modern CONOPs. They also show complete ignorance about the nature of testing, networking, fusion and overall covert operations in across the RF spectrum.
Bill Sweetman and Pierre Sprey are old fools 30+ years behind.
- the future holds even more powerful and efficient engine.. that'll make a difference.. and the rest of the tech is amazing
- Yeah, fuckin Obama! Always tearing down our military!
Look at these sucky aircraft!
ISIL must be laughing at YOU, Obama! :-/
- well it could be worse. good vid.
- F-35 Lightning II is The Best!!.
- Norwegian test pilot recently gave the F35 very high marks. Alot of disinformation about the jet floating around.
- I like how there are people commenting how this fighter is a disaster and it will get shit on when they don't know crap about it and all they do is watch these videos and suddenly become experts in mechanics and aerodynamics.
- The JSF F-35 program had its problems is under statement . But with that being said since Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan took over as the program executive officer for the F-35 Lightning II Joint Program Office , the programmed has turned around . He is holding Lockheed-Martian accountable now . Like it or not , this is the future of US Military air power . The cost of the plane will come down with more planes produced . The situation awareness of this plane is generations ahead of any other aircraft . Even the F/A-22 Raptor because of the new technology employed .
- Beautiful jet...I know is more than capable of being a kick ass fighter jet. Like anything else, we see much less hand to hand combat than decades ago because of technology so same applies to fighter jets. No need to getting into dog fighting as we used to.
- its cost way to much money.
- It's not a question of love it or hate it at this point...the F-35 Program, just as the Big Banking Industry was/is...too big to fail. One of the main reasons LM made sure to spread out contractor/subcontractors over 45 states. Now instead you have a high cost multi-role fighter that is a jack of all trades and master of none. As far as the F-35 taking over the CAS role...that is a joke and everyone knows it. What commander in the field is going to risk a fragile single engine big $$$ F-35 in the CAS role. In the last 6+ months A-10's have been deployed to the neighbors of Russia, and to Korea. The USAF's idea of a CAS mission is not always the same as the ground commanders idea of a CAS mission. Remember the USAF has been trying to get rid of the A-10 since the 1980's...so this is nothing new. MANPAD blah, blah, blah...most in the community have heard this many times...over many years. Are S-300/S-400's dangerous, of course they are...that's why you deploy countermeasures.

Jan 13, 2016
"With A-10s deployed in the Middle East to fight ISIS, in Europe to deter Russian aggression, and along the Korean Peninsula, administration officials can no longer deny how invaluable these planes are to our arsenal and military capabilities," McSally said in the press release.
Defense One, an online publication covering the military, quoted anonymous Pentagon sources as saying while the A-10 is still up for retirement, there's a demand for it in the Syrian conflict.
"Air Force officials say they still need to retire the A-10 to make room for newer warplanes, but that the calculus for its sunsetting has been thrown off by commanders’ demands for the Warthog now,"
- What is it there to hate about this work of art?
- Australia should get its 1st of 72 ordered in 2018. Airshows will not be the same YAY
- Whats not to love? and a brand new way to fight. I think thats what I had to get through my head. I like the fact that even if it runs out of ammo you launch from another platform and this bad boy sends it to the target. Awesome!!! Skunk works, They should sell Tshirts!!
- Cool next get neration!!! good luck!!!
- Personally i like th F-35, it's advanced, looks cool and is a needed update over older aircraft, the only thing that sucks about it is it's hefty price tag !