F-35 Lightning II Low Approaches and Arrival - EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015
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- I remember that one of those bastards flew over and I think a part of the aircraft went supersonic after the airshow was done.
- I wonder if the reason they never show them maneuvering rapidly like an F16 display or an F18 display is because the plane just can't maneuver. I want to see an F-35 perform the f16 viper display. We know it will never happen the general public will say wait a minute why is it turning so slow.
- Not propaganda: F-16 beats F-35 in simulated dog fight. What is up with that? Also, the cost to maintain the F-35 per flight hour is preposterous! I am not a Ruski by the way and feel that We the People have been monetarily raped by the Joint Strike Fighter Program. Also, I seriously believe that there are enough tech junkies out there that can figure out a way to detect the "stealth" F-35 on radar and shoot it down. There's much left for this bird to prove to the US Tax Payers, that it should have already proven time and time again, based on all of our money and the time that has already devoured! Look up the history and development of the F-14 To cat and look at how it is done right! It too was a very sophisticated fighter for its day and designed with far less computer assistance available to designers of today! Give me a souped up F-18 Super Hornet with dual engine reliability for my tax dollars and I'll be good to go; as many Canadians are now doing. Really no excuse for the amount of money and time that has gone into this program and I'm glad that the Government finally stepped in to scold Lockheed/Skunkworks! Thanks again for sharing, A-M.
- What is that gray dual turbo prop at 4:11 into the video? Looks almost like a Technam P2006. Thank you!
- Sure is one ugly looking aircraft .It looks like a flying elephant .Who designed this flying joke ? .Walt Disney  ?.
- Powerful felling
- F-35 - just a terrible plane.
He is not able to fight with the Russian fighters.

Even the upgraded MiG-21 can easily win.
- Amazing plane
- Pause @ 2:30 and you can see a brave Cessna pilot willing to take the F35 on lol. I love the F35.
- I heard somewhere this thing can now engage enemies that are behind and to the side (360 degree engagement) wouldn't that make handling a non issue .
- Most journalists will write what is news worthy, these days that means making something controversial. An F-35 that is going along as planned or a little behind (as the majority of other military aircraft encounter) is not very news worthy for you sheeple to click on. Is the F-35 expensive- fuck yes it is. Is it too expensive? Maybe. Time will tell. Is the brand new car you just bought a piece of shit? You’ll know in about 30,000 miles.

One of the biggest gripes I read is of an F-16 pilot with 1000’s of flight hours piloting an F-16 against an F-35 with a pilot that has less than 100 hours in an F-35 and, the F-16 pilot having combat hours in the F-16 or similar generation fighter. Let’s put Michael Schumacher in a 2015 Mustang GT and you in a top of the line F-1 and see who wins that challenge. Get the point?

Second is the F-35/A-10 Close Air Support Role (CAS). Most critics of the F-35 will pit it against the A-10’s role in the recent Afghan and Iraqi wars stating it will never match up to the A-10 in the CAS role. True and false: the A-10 had unprecedented air superiority. It had little to no air threat so it could operate almost entirely unhindered during the conflicts. The A-10 had no need for stealth capabilities since enemy radar and enemy air to air combat challenge was nonexistent. Yes, the F-35 has to cancel some of the A-10’s strong points (big ass tank buster nose canon, low and slow maneuverability, etc.) for stealth but, put the A-10 on a modern battlefield against a modern enemy with advanced Surface to Air Missiles (like China’s KS-1A) or fighter aircraft designed in the last 20 or 30 years (MiG-29M/K or MiG-35) then the A-10 begins to lose survivability and/or sustainability on the battlefield- rapidly. This translates to loss of assets and/or dead or captured pilots. Something the US military hasn’t experienced since the Vietnam War. The A-10 was designed for a long duration land battle in Europe against the Soviet Union beginning in 1966 and first flew in its AX form in 1972. The A-10 is outdated and at the very least needs to be reduced to a reserve role with the Army or Marine Corps- but politics obstructs such cost savings.

Third, the F-35 does not have a sustainable combat cannon for dogfights. I always say- what the fuck decade are you living in? Have computers gotten smaller and better since the early 1970’s? For you dumb fucks, the answer is yes. Extensively fucking better is the answer. So has missile technology. If a stealth aircraft has to resort to a cannon, the pilot or maintenance crew of that particular aircraft has fucked up severely.

Those of you who may have been around in the 1970’s or 1980’s when the F-16 was new and “lawn darting” into the ground- killing pilots and obliterating aircraft will understand. You kids, who know nothing of aircraft or air combat, just keep on puking up whatever news articles you choose to believe.

Is the F-35 too expensive? Fuck yes. Is it worth the money? Time will tell.
- que mierda es este video.
- People reading this thread need to understand the Russians have a full time staff of people paid to write pro-Russian and anti-American comments on popular websites like this. It's called Disinformation Warfare. They gravitate to videos on the F-22, the F-35 and carriers because they fear them and want them de-funded. Many of the anti-American channels on YouTube are fronts for Russian Disinformation professionals.

The Russian Disinformation Corps work as teams and take on assumed names to make it appear they are different random people from different places. They upvote each other's comments, engage in pretend discussions that conclude the Russian Su-XX is the best, etc. It's a pretty sophisticated operation until you see the pattern, then it's easy to spot. The patter always goes like this: The F-35 costs a trillion dollars, melts in the rain, is slower than a kite and will be shot down by far superior Russian planes. All ridiculous lies, but the naive will fall for it.

Best to look at sources from people who know what the hell they're talking about. Aerospace sources, test pilot comments, and especially watch what governments actually buy. Governments have teams of experienced professionals evaluating these planes. And they have to pay for them, maintain them and defend themselves with them. So that's a very good guide to capability. That said, in addition to the US military, there are a dozen countries lined up to buy the F-35. The means the professional militaries of those chose this aircraft over everything else available. That should tell you something.

Good book:
Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism 
by Ronald Rychlak & Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa who served as acting chief of communist Romania's espionage service and top adviser to President Nicolae Ceausescu. Lots of articles out there on the subject of Russian disinformation too.
- The media has done one hell of job making everyone hate and turn against this fighter without any real logical knowledge... I'd rather be an underdog than over hyped tho
- Is it just me or was there now afterburner in these passes? Either it wasn't on which is impressive, or you cant see it....which is also impressive
- Will these jets (the F-35s I mean) maintain America's Air Superiority?
- So where's all this vtol everyone seems to be talking about?
- This project development Yakovlev Yak-141