F-35 Lightning II Operations at Luke AFB, Arizona
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- I expect you to die mister bond
- i want this on battlefield 4
- Yes, cost overruns, yes technical issues, yes giant training curve to master it, but like any airplane, especially the very complex craft, they are going to take time to iron out all the wrinkles. This bird isn't the first machine that took years to get right. When it's been in service a few years, nobody will remember all the early issues.
- вы все умрете
- что за музыка?

- Ох ты ж... Оно всё-таки летает? И пилотов не отпевают перед вылетами? Да ладно, не верю...
Кстати, из пушки ЭТО стрелять научилось?
- カッコイイ!!! これが日本でも見られるのが楽しみ!!

very cool! I want to watch this fighter in Japan!

If the sentence is wrong, I'm sorry. Because I'm Japanese.
- It looks like they did the same formation shot as they did with the F-22s.
- It looks a lot meaner when the wheels are up.
- you tube A.S.C.2 #001
- She's a beauty!
- Sure nice to see their number increasing. Keep the pease
- 1:50 Swagger!
- What's to bet the next time Russia rocks up at the US border testing reaction times the US will send up a couple of these bad boys to intercept?

Personally can't wait to see the F35B flying alongside the Eurofighter over British skies in the coming years.. One hell of a punch for a small island! 
- One jealous butthurt Russian disliked this video :P
- Wonderfull fighter. Together with f22 are the future of fighters planes, all the others are prototypes or obsolete fighters that are trying to keep up.
- Good video, keep it up!