F-35 Lightning II Ski Jump Launch Takeoff
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Zobacz i sam oceń czy warto skorzystać z lotniska.
- Shortens the Runway required eh??
Imagine this happening on the slopes in Winter? LMAO!
Happy New Year! All the Best for 2016!!!
- Why is the speed brake up?
- Nice take off
- But why? Are these things not capable of transitioning between flight modes without a ramp/runway? I thought that was the whole point of VTOL for this plane. 
- Wow!!!!!!
- Respect...
- How appropriate, antiquated ramp technology perfected by Russia. Pig of an aviation failure. They need to make it a drone so the Ruskies don't kill any of our boys.
- Abbsolutely amazingg
- That's pretty sweet
- Now that's pretty cool.