F-35 Lightning II Testing Aboard USS Eisenhower (CVN 69)
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Ocena tzw. rating: 101
Kmicic Kraśnik

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- F-35 is awesome
- FLY 1 надпись на спине это значит, первый летчик там стоит и смотрит )). 69 авианосец это cкорее тренировочный для летчиков которые по очереди тренируются и наблюдают. Что бы так приземляться нужно тренироваться.
- 3 wire?
- Wow. It can land on a Carrier. Impressive.
- It can fly! it can land! what else do you need in a billion dollar airplane? how about be better than the F22 then i'll listen
- Nice! For how long will the Lightining II and the Super Hornet coexist in the CVW's?
- ok what happened with the vertical landing I would prefer that that just land on a cable
- esa demorando muito
- офигеть, я думал им для посадки нужно намного больше места
- That's my Navy right there! They can do it when it counts. Foul weather aircraft with a qualified and capable pilot showing their stuff. Can't always count on the weather, and in test we must test as we have opportunity. The test program has been long, tough, and we have a lot more to do, so take full advantage of the foul weather and knock out some test points. The senors on this platform, and the automated flight control systems are the most advanced on the planet. If this airframe and its combat system can't handle this, AND handle it well, we don't need this fighter.
- Look9ing good, GO NAVY
- Nice Video ;)
- Epic moment at the start
- I like Ike.
- I want to see this thing in action