F-35B Lightning II - First Operational Testing (OT-1)
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- 25 mad russians fanboy saw this video
- dog
- very good performance perfect
- The Marines are the true winners from the F-35 program. The Harrier desperately needed to be replaced. F-35B destroys the Harrier in almost every category. Hell I think even the Army would be well fit for adopting the B version. In fact I would not be surprised if the Army asked for a modified B version some day. The other variants of the F-35 are not needed. Both the Air Force (F-22), and Navy (latest F-18 versions), already have planes that are more capable than the F-35. Yes yes I know the F-35 is "fifth gen.", and has much more advanced sensors and is semi-stealth. However equally advanced sensors can be, and are being, retrofitted into the F-18 and F-22. And stealth is overrated in a head to head aerial combat encounter (a F-16 can beat the F-35 in a heads up dogfight). The F-18 and
F-22 are stronger and more capable airframes, and fulfill their respective roles within their branches of the military much better than the F-35 will ever be able to. Now go ahead and hate.
- It's about time this plane is ready for battle
- 海軍陸戰隊員的F-35的變體在海上了USS黃蜂進行了首次運行測試(OT-1)。 OT-1的F-35B的評價和評估的F-35B集成到海軍陸戰隊航空,而在不同的飛行,機務和後勤操作是出現在海軍陸戰隊的作戰部隊工作。

- Iis this plane operational for the marines yet?
- It looks different from a P-38G...very very different... like alot of different.
- Most people yet not understand the main feature of F35, because is not immediately visible. 1)Its ability of get automatically more information from its near environment by itself and far sources (other airplanes, bombs, cruise missile, unmanned planes, remote databases, satellites). 2)Its ability of simplify the job of pilot, giving him precious seconds before the enemy understands what is happening. This is 5º generation. To this is added the stealth design, low thermal signature and weaponry superior.
- very, very impressive. nice job to all who work on this project!
- It's not a fighter, it's a flying network component, which is why China and Russia would dearly love to see the program cancelled. By Block 4a, this capability will be awesome. Extend out to 2065 service life, and the cost as a fraction of GDP is razor thin. Won't stop the "experts" from damning it, though.
- is this block 3 updated ?
- 15 people read too much RT News.
- +AiirSource Military Videos  That audio about the mustage, maybe, you should edit it out.
- sorry for taking off with the open capsule? to already, is how convertibles, they can remove the lid haha min 4:41
- These things have a price tag of $100million.

American tax-payers are being royally screwed with this crap.