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- Nuestro Ejército del Aire, se siente orgulloso de disponer de este avión.
- I never noticed how the AMRAAM (- or whatever it is) sticks out on an F-15.
- F-15 is better than the Eurofighter.
- After all these years the F-15 still looks fresh as though it just rolled off the line. Coming up on 40 years in the air, that's an aircraft that was ahead of it's time. And to think it's air to air victories are 114 victories to 0 defeats is amazing. Having victories over aircraft like the Mig-29 over Iraq and Bosnia along with the Mig-25 all the way down the line from the Mig-27, Mig-23, Mig-21 and Mig-17. The F-15 also has victories over Mirage F1's and SU-20/22's.
    With President knuckleheads cancellation of the F-22 at 186 aircraft which for most countries would be enough the USAF would like to add about 400 advanced F-15's to go along with the F-22's. Vectored thrust, internal stowage of air to air missiles with the advanced conformal packs, canted vertical tails, intakes designed to be stealthy along with many other stealth features.
    The one thing needed for the advanced F-15 would be a version of the Pratt & Whitney F119 engines found in the F-22. Right now the next gen F119 is being run through it's paces at Edwards AFB which will give it many new features that make it much more powerful along with better range along with a version of it's vectored thrust that will give it a full 360 degree of thrust control with possibly reverse thrust not just for shorter landings but for air combat maneuvering!
- I honestly think that if you have to compare the Typhoon with F-15 exclusively with the F-15 E Strike Eagle. The Typhoon is a 4.5 generetion figthers is a multiruole figther jet ( swing role) with the primary role air superiority and  interceptor, it is a twin-engine, delta wing with canard fins. The configuration with delta wing and canard enhances stability at subsonic speeds and with the system fly-by-wire guarantees high manageability, in dogfigth the excellent combination of avionics and agility make it one of the most formibable Aircraft in service today.
    This Aircraft it is semi-stealth in fact have on RCS has a front of 0,5 square meters, the radar is a Euroradar Captor with pulses of new generation it also started the development of CAPTOR-E  with AESA tecnology ( the F-15 C and F-15 E have this tecnology) the new radar improve range it has a detection and multiple tracing more accurate and fast. Also note the constant updates to the Aircraft improvements to swing role capability... aniway adding these capabilities in the arsenal USA i think the just rival for for typhoon is F-15 Srike Eagle. Also it has full multi-role capability by leveraging the capabilities of the radar AN\ APG-82 AESA it allows the crew to attack multiple targets both on land and in the air ( as the typhoon) the strike eagle can bring a vast arsenal of weapons and carry out varios missions. The F-15 E it is a machine of 4 generation has an RCS of 15 square meters ( as the su-30) it has undergone upgrades along with the F-15 C is a standard recently in tecnology... note that the Strike Eagle's and drop tecnology with old analog intruments for decades!
                  F-15 E  vs TYPHOON compare jets...
 Typhoon BVR rating 90%        Strike Eagle  BVR rating 80 %
  Typhoon armament 8.0\10            Strike Eagle  armament 7.5\10   
   Typhoon tecnology 8.0\10         Strike Eagle tecnology 7.5\10
    Avionics 8.6\10                          Strike Eagle 7.5\10
   Typhoon maneuvrability 9.7\10   Strike Eagle 8.0\10
    Typhoon overal rating EXCELLENT!!  Strike Eagle overal rating very good :)
 The strike Eagle is faster, the typhoon is better armed!
Aniway in BVR combat count Aircraft radar, eletronic countermeasures
- Awsome videos from FF2015 man, do you mebay know when the American Eagles leave the Netherlands?
- Good video as always, but reading the title I was hoping for a small dogfight.