F22 Raptor Defies Gravity - Amazing Maneuvers
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Czas trwania: 3m 25s
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- "Oh, our Russian MIGs can do more than that." You monkey-shit retards think our F-22 pilots are going to show you all our cards in an airshow? GTFO
- Love this video. Not bad for a plane that was designed in the late 80s. Still, 25+ years later, there's only one or two serious challengers out there.
- I love to watch airplanes and fighter jets but I think SU PAK 50 bit better. SU PAK maneuvers like crazy and look like floating in the air like dancing and can turn 180 under 3 seconds. I'm not Russian but impressed by latest fighter jet. I watch f22-35 maneuverability and compare to SU PAK maneuverability. I think SU PAK is superior to those expensive toys. Year ago I am f22's side but change my mind when I look at latest fighter jet demonstrations.
- also SU-35 is better than F-22 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKztDtP1_Z4
- Buth Russian PAK-FA 5G is better than F22
- one thing for sure is that turning and stalling will get you killed instantly, this plane turns sharp and maintains its speed constantly meaning it keeps its power, stalled plane its powerless and cant outmaneuver a real bird, it just sits there. the su are great planes but all their movements finishes in a clean stall and spinning and going 90degree downward to catch speed to fly, this plane doesnt suffers that. theres not a single plane that is best at everything btw.
- 2:46 did it do a backflip/kulbit or it was just a looping?
- Nah. Sorry but Ive seen Russian planes do crazier shit.
- F-22 has officially been renamed the F-U !!
- I love the F-22 dont get me wrong, but no plane in the world can take as much stall distress and still recover in such smooth and controlled way than the SU-35 and the SU-37 they are simply the best and most maneuverable aircrafts till date.
I`ve seen so many videos about both russian and Western jets its realy obvious who`s the winner.
But the F-22 looks way WAY better than the russian made ones.
- Nowhere near as impressive manueverability as a Fokker DR III
- I want to see the F-22 crack some skulls
- sukhoi30 is better than this ..... dint even do one single loop
- Awesome footage. Thanks! This video beautifully demonstrates some our Raptor's maneuvering capabilities. Critics often fail to consider that the Pentagon will NEVER show us ALL of this bird's agility. Some things are kept secret, in case a situation arises where it's needed and the enemy is caught totally unprepared....Beautiful jet!!!!
- Russians are displaying their fear on this video, it's amusing. Oh, the envy.
- Amazing maneuvers? Watching video su-35!
- Amazing maneuvers? Watching video su-35!
- Amazing maneuvers? Watching video su-35!
- 7 Russians and 5 Chinese watched this video.
- no, we can syym amkatse-wimps