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- pff starscream stop shitting around come on.
- the Baby BlackBird,the YF23 should have been the first choice
- What if it defies my ass? ¤_¤
- my favorite part is where 3 generations of warplanes were flying together
- wrong video title... its not the raptor that defies gravity, its the pilot, so change the title to F22 raptor pilot defies gravity, just sayin'
- Japs are dying to get hands on F22 from the US. Toshiba sold advanced CNC machines which Russians used to build silent submarines to challenge the US submarines. Japanese shouldn't be trusted with advanced weapons.
- Hate to say but every plane defies gravity... otherwise they are called tanks..
- Far better than the F35
- mammoth hydra in GTA
- only in battlefield
- All* Russian pilots are required to learn this as a tactic to counter pursuing jets. Mainly in the su-27s and other modern aircraft.. This video is the first American jet to pull it off after failed attempts .
- First American jet to pull the pugchev cobra
- i dont get how its defying gravity, its just flying...
- So graceful!!!
- THAT PLANE IS INSANE!!!!!!!! just like a helicopter! only shaped like a plane and louder noise(what do you think the jet that replaces the raptor will be?)
- God bless America, I write this and I am Moslem. United states have to do something to stop Iran, hezballah and the Russians in Syria. Believe me Russia is not a super power. We taught them a lession in Afghanistan they will never forget, but I am sure that Russians have the best prostitutes of the world.
- thats why i love it
- Gravity we need no stinking gravity.
- Doesn't every plane defy gravity?