F22 Raptor Take-off at RIAT 2010
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- They say this aircraft was a waste of money it only takes one look at wikipedia to know why they made this plane.
We lost a lot of good men flying non stealthy aircraft in the first gulf war.
F-22 is the F-15 made better.
- миг 29 лучше взлетает и быстрее. и даже вертикальнее )
- Beautiful jet.
- that is the sickest airshow video takeoff of all time!
- I was stood right there that day, damn that was loud!!:)
- With over 70,000 lbs. of thrust, this aircrafts' engines pump out about 50% more power than typhoon. Typhoon will need its' afterburners going just to keep up with the raptor. And in a vertical climb the raptor will leave typhoon far behind.
- This plane cost 330 million dollars each omg....so its was cancel wow.
- waste of money, been 20 years
- Now, this one is a real jet fighter that none comes close to it! :)
- That is just awesome..would love to ride in that. hehe
- Хорошее видео-очень здорово взлетел!Просто супер!
- schönes Flugzeug mit sehr schwachen technischen Daten und mangelnder Zuverlässigkeit. Sorry, aber das können vor allem Russen erheblich besser, auch, wenn ihre Maschinen nicht so modern ausschauen.
- Check out this video on YouTube:
- это летающая консервная банка!!!
- Did I saw rocket?
- Navy Seals and 160th Special Operations Ocean: http://youtu.be/rga1KL8mTWQ
- Yeah, but can it walk on water?
- t-50, j-20 jajajajajaja I'm waiting for the moment
- LOL, show an old British plane or a classic MIG and American flight enthusiasts leave all sorts of gushing comments, show a modern American plane, you get Eurotrash and Russians talkin' shit all day. The world never changes, and neither does the YouTube comment section.
- All of you arguing which plane is best. Remember it is the pilot sitting in the aircraft that makes it fly, and maneuver and fight.
You can have a very sophisticated fighter and still lose in a fur ball unless you know how to fly.