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Zobacz i sam oceń czy warto skorzystać z lotniska.
- radar signature of a marble right there
- If you're not even the slightest bit aroused by this there's something wrong with you
- Look at Russ duck that side up
- the same take off had taken by indian tejas ===in bahrain
- Wow !
- this pilot has the secret of vertical takeoffs
- When you realize f22's were made before DVDs lol
- That is great take off. But compared to Mig (Russian) take off this is nothing. watch and compare.
- must win every dog fight?
- Nice take off but it's not "unbelievable", has anyone seen Tao performing with the Rafale?
- scrapmetal....
- F22 Raptor First Flight : 29 september 1990..... hehe
- Davinder chandigarh india

Ultimate machine by us. But Rafale of france is more destructive machine.
- how i take off in gta sa
- Since it has a power to weight ratio >1, can't it keep climbing vertically after take off?
- Thats about as close to a vertical stall you can get without having to punch out. Pilot has some steel balls hangin in that flight suit
- british pilot nuff said
- a Sukhoi can take u down any second !
- a Sukhoi can take u down any second !
- I want one.