F22 Raptor - World's most advanced jet in 60 secs - BBC News
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- It is a pity this R&D money and production cost can not be earmarked for clean technology to clean up the industries and vehicles that are poisoning our environment and killing people instead of being spent on technology designed to kill even more people. It is obscene.
- Then why was the project cancelled??
- I totally know what I want for christmas
- Air dominance. It would if the f35 didn't exist
- smart jet
- Damn straight, 'Murica!
- PS. Garbage American engineering has produced the car, the lightbulb, the record player, the computer, TV, CDs, countless medicines, etc. I also realize we invented atomic weapons, but that's bcuz Nazis gave up their attempt - thank God.
- "Force multiplier" is the term used by the Pentagon to guide research and development - like one cluster bomb destroying 20 tanks. So when you look at the price tag, you have to consider that one "piece of shit" f22 (like many call it) will defeat six f15s, a jet that is undefeated in air-to-air engagements, simultaneously. 
- Hey can I buy one of these planes?
- This.is.most.powefull.war.plane.speed.is.2900km
- This.is.americans.power.god.bless.morocco.and.god.bless.america.and.thank.you.for.the.f16
- I'll take 2
- The reason as to why this 122 million dollar jet doesnt cost a third as much is because military spending is swamped in lobbying and beaurocracy

This jet should only cost around 30 to 40 million at the most
- they cost 250 million each and they are a useless piece of junk... typical american engineering
- Starscream :3
- I'd take this over the F-35 any day.
- Already outmatched by the Russian TU-50. 
- yes but can it blend?
- Please stop with your Idiotic comments go fly a Kite if you don't know anything about the F-22..