First Footage Of Russia Conducting Aerial Mission Against Rebel Positions In Homs Syria
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- How any heads this "rebels" cut off?
Then 9/11 were conducted by Afghan rebels...
- "Грачи" прилетели)))
- 2:55 Русия ГАЛЯК ЯПАЦСТАЛОМ))))
- russia and Israel Workshop together against the fuckin jihadists👍👍😈
- "3 2 1 splash"
- กูรัก รัสเชีย 
- НАТО за 2 года уничтожили: 2 бульдозера, 2 свадьбы, 1 больницу.
- What a beautiful home...the 3 walls, the dust. No streetlights. No women. The 9th century ideologies. Is this EA's leaked Battlefield 5 footage?
- nice, lets fuck the US and the ISIS to the end
- it seems to me that in Syria most of the people know only two words ; alahu akbar.
- so much snackbars
- Oh look the Russians are bombing an empty piece of wasteland like the Americans. Fake phoney ISIS!!!
- Terrorists are transformed to AL POUPOU now! AL SHIT ,bunch of Al Fucked up,Al ASSHOLES!
- are those cluster bombs at the beginning of the video?
- Alahu Fubar
- a little more research and you'll find reports about the US already trying to bomb ISIS in syria last year, and the "terrorists" are still there.... also there's a lot of buzz about russia likely attacking the free syrian army instead of isis, and putin having an agreement with assad to make that work.
don't get me wrong, the US arming the FSA a few years ago was controversial, but russia also isn't making things better with bombs.
- хороший выстрел
- ไหนละ อัลเลาะห์ของมึง เจอระเบิดของรัสเชียไอ้เลาะหฺหางจุกตูดเเล้ว สัสสสสสสสสสส
- wrong shooting all the time :D
- ذهب نتنياهو الى روسيا واتفقوا على ان الضربات سوف تستهدف عدو مشترك
وهو الجيش الحر

روسيا و ايران و نظام بشار ونظام العراق المتمثل بالشيعه واسرائيل اتفقوا على عدو واحد وهو الجيش الحر

اتفقوا على ان يكسروا شوكه اهل السنه في كل مكان يسيطر عليه الشيعه