Flite Test - F-22 Raptor - REVIEW
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- hello flight test your video inspired me a lot and now i have my own home made f22 raptor... since i dont have enough parts here in philippines i created a succesfull f22 raptor diffenrential thrust version.. that sucessfuly fly and now i am enjoying it! thanks!
- The planes are really cool. I have a design challenge for you. I don't know if you guys have tried designing experimental models. There was an interesting design by Grumman called the X-29, which was a forward-swept wing canard. From what I understand was that it was highly manuverable, but it required some serious fly-by-wire control systems to the control surfaces for a stable flight. It
- + FliteTest i'm new to rc planes.
where can i buy parts cheap for a small starter plane? like the motors propellers esc batteries and receivers
- Is it a 7volt battery or 11volt one.
- can you install a stronger motor cuz it is painful to watch such a cool plane in real life to fly so slowly as an rc model
- Does anyone know how to make the little missiles on Josh Scott's plane?
- Crazy duo! hahahaha
- Its ok take your time.
- Whats the best beginner edf jet??
- very good I would like to build one with DC motors
- Nice how the prop wash kind of gives it vectored thrust over the elevons
- What's the name of the video in the intro, where we have a POV from the cockpit and it then crashes? 

And no, it's not the Musquito. Already watched that. 
Thanks. :)
- i like when josh flies !
- Damn Mr. Scott that was a perfect landing
- So why the heck don't they make RTF versions of these things?  Foam is super cheap, put the basic electronics in it for starters and you would be selling a lot of these things.  You could make very basic/simple ones for the first flyer and then go up a few levels.....
- What kind of prop is used on this setup i have the same setup and i cant get it to fly
- You should do a video about APM flight computer
- awesome guys