Flying the Typhoon Through the Mach Loop at Low Level
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- Are you sure it's the Lake District? The RAF does its low-level flight training in North Wales, using the Conwy and Lledr valleys and Llanberis Pass. I have watched them from the turrets of Dolwyddellan Castle and around Betws--Coed many times.
- This is my dream job
- I'm an American Private Pilot with 37 years experience in aviation. I enjoyed this video immensely. Pilot was extremely precise in comms and control inputs...just what I would expect from the RAF.
- wow nice video
- Cool video, thanks for not playing some kind of head banger music!! However, did they have to dub in jet exhaust sounds that you don't hear inside the cockpit?? Oh and I bet the neighbors fucking love the sound of jet's screaming past their roof at 450 knots all day!!
- Thanks for posting this! For someone like me who knows little about aircraft or flying (much less special maneuvers and whatnot), it's nice to hear the pilot making little comments about what he's doing. I especially like the subtle things like when he comments about his speed decreasing and then his lowering the landing gear. I don't know why, but that just makes the video a little more "real," if that makes any sense.
- The winner, to be sold to Denmark, the best jet ever.
- 3:51 i allways like it when a fighter jet doing that.
- Wow! This is amazing. Can the Daily Post use this video please? We will credit you. Thanks very much
- Britain is a beautiful country.
- How did this video get more views and comments than my cat video?
- shweetness.
- very talented man.
- amazing views wow
- very cool but id prefer my cbr 100rr on a nice day :):)
- I want to join the air force so mabe I'll have the chance to fly in a jet
- how long would it take it to fly from lands end to john oh groats as i heard on this it going over wales then half a minute later coming over lake district now
- 1:28 that was rly dangerous! wow
- '...Low height warning... reset...'

Nuff said. :)