Freewing F-15 Eagle - Unboxing - what is inside the Box
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- Thanks for showing us the new freezing F15!
- Hey Gary,   Glad to see you got this Jet.  As far as upgrades go, IMHO, You would be pleased with the 8S set-up for this plane. Not enough room for a 10S set up.  I really like my STOCK, 6S Outrunner, and might upgrade to the 6S/1680kv in the future. Feel free to PM me with questions/comments.   Have Fun with the Build.  Happy Holidays from Jetcrasher1 !
- Awesome video bro! It was good to see the F-15 come out of the box. I would really like to get my hands on one at some point.
- Maiden yet?
- Keep us up to speed on your EDF unit, and what motor? maybe 40mm by 82mm inrunner...perhaps 1050kv?
- I talked to Motion RC guys, they say keep it light, a 6s setup and outrunner for the EDF. My thoughts? Like you, 10s, definite, and 4 or 5 aH. depending on what fits. The 4 aH 10s pack is 1.18 kilo...a VERY heavy jet...hope you have a 100 meter runway!Good Luck!
- I have a 10s pack from HobbyKing, that's 4.0 aH. It's an A-spec Nanotech 65-135C. I measure the width, height and length as 44mm by 48mm by 305mm plus another 20mm for the wires that exit one end. It's 2 back to back 5s packs, and it's the Generation one pack...I mention it because it was on the site for 89.99 USD. Maybe a very good price is available on it to Europe as well?
- Hi, Good!! :-)
- What's up Gary? When I was a kid, I also use to build model planes.. This is a great winter project.. And you'll have lots of time to modify it..