Giant Rc F 35 Lightning II
Odsłon: 231766
Czas trwania: 5m 13s
Ocena tzw. rating: 983

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- That one looks to be more responsive than the Real F-35 the low passes were careless agreed.
- IMHO, A very nice scale model, spoiled by non scale flying and no scale pilot.
- there's someone in that
- That guy probably shit his pants so hard.
- Er wird den Flieger besser kennenlernen und seine Flugeigenschaften zu schätzen wissen. Einige Passagen sind doch sehr gewagt und wären mit langem Anflug nicht so Unruhig gewesen. Schöner Jet der Potenzial im Piloten wecken wird
- Sorry I missed this one! Just a touch scary! The boy has balls!
- Mastercard....

One F-35 RC plane - $7,000 Euros
Running into yourself and getting killed...priceless...
- Judging how difficult it is to fly this model, I'd say this pilot is YODA
- Trust the Germans to make a model better than the original
- good
- 굿
- Plane cost more than.his car, house and german porn collection!
- 4:48 you mean to tell me the damn thing was flying by it self ?
- Beautiful model! This guy needs to improve his flying skills before he destroys the plane and/or one of the spectators.
- this guy is a freakin' rock star!
- wow good
- Sehr schöne Vorführung, einfach gut geflogen.
Gefällt gut

Gruß Ulrich Fey
- There is a tippo on the pilots name... not chrisian gschwentner... CHRISTIAN with a T!
- Crappy flying like that would get you thrown off the field here, probably fined as well or just smacked for endangering other people like that. Awesome plane, but the pilot needs swapping.
- Performs better than the real one