Great F-15 Strike Eagle Display England.
Odsłon: 106890
Czas trwania: 5m 26s
Ocena tzw. rating: 256
Fotograf – Studio KF Limanowa

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- tell that guy to stfu.
- Always loved the F-15 fuck gravity maneuver =) Exit stage left? No sir.. Its exit stage vertical.
- The Typhoon is graceful and agile, the Raptor a agile and powerful, but the F-15 is just a vulgar display of power. Nothing but brute force.
- Turn and burn, baby. Turn and burn.
- Displays are all well and good, but they insist on playing god awful music and talking as loudly as possible, then there's the crying kids
- To all the Russian fanboys the f15 has shot down mig29 and su27 no f15 has been shot down by any fighter 104 kills 0 loss and don't say it propaganda becouse you are butthurt
- Post stall "supermaneuverability" is COMPLETELY useless in dog fights. We've been practicing with India (bless them) and their Su 30s with TVC and we've learned that you can counter any post-stall tactic by opening throttle and flying upward. By the time the post stall maneuver is recovered, the opposing jet can then turn its nose down and dive down with a complete high-ground advantage. Doing a cobra or any TVC maneuver turns you into a sitting duck... too much drag and loss of momentum. Otherwise, I love watching Russian fighters. But, the American/German X31 with TVC is even better to watch.
- If I could be born again, I would want to be an F-15 Pilot.
- Beautiful plane!!! Amazing!
- boring plane
- Did anybody see that go across the screen at :46
- Still one of the best fighter aircraft, bench mark for others to match.
- One of the best fighters ever built and my personal favorite of all time. Supreme agility and the King Cobra of the skies.
- Not super maneuverable compared to the newest planes, but shes the meanest bitch on the block and she will fuck you up no matter what you bring.
- 1 of the better dedication passes I've seen, great vapor, great salute!
- F15....   A 40 year old design that still can hold its own against anything in the world today.
- That is one badass plane !!
- Oh come on. We send over f15s too do demos in the UK but they don't send over typhoons too do demos in the us? I mean the typhoons do come over sometimes but we never see em fly only on displsy
- Well, when Starscream chooses this as his alternate mode then you KNOW it's the coolest plane out there:D
Nice vid:)