Great Planes McDonnell Douglas F 15 Eagle
Odsłon: 29356
Czas trwania: 57m 54s
Ocena tzw. rating: 69
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- Great series, and great episode. BTW....I don't know exactly what it is about the music in this episode--and many others---but could it be any more perfect and awesome? I don't know if it's some kind of unconscious throwback thing or what, but the instrumental art-guitar stuff is just awesome. Thank you for posting!
- Still an incredible aircraft to this day. Like the B-52, we got our moneys worth and then some.
- Maybe the Philippine Air Force should get old F-15As to help us defend our coastline
- Interesting that the Mig-25 was described as a Mach 3 airplane when in fact it was a Mach 2.8 plane at the very best. In addition, its very small combat radius made it quite worthless as any kind of interceptor. The Lockheed YF-12 with its Mach 3.2 cruise speed and 3000 mile range would've made mincemeat of it had the program been allowed to proceed.
- AWESOME documentary. Old but very good. I LOVE Australian accent.......
- Subbed!
- Over 4 decades of air superiority. Quite impressive. Thanks for the upload :)
- Thank you for upload. Much better than the newer History Channel documentaries =)