GTA 5 SP #24 - F-22 Raptor Mod
Odsłon: 72614
Czas trwania: 15m 7s
Ocena tzw. rating: 1042

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- 747
- so slow
- Where is that battleship?
- 4
- there is a glich with Cletus and it alows you to do anything
- Hey Jeff love the channel brother. I'm a retired Air Force pj. We had F-22's on our flight line in Afghanistan. They are freaking awesome. Got a question. What kind of computer do you use? I want to get lspdfr and play but I don't know what specs I need. Thanks brother. Again love the channel
- pls change wiew, i want to see jet more
- Are there any mods for F-14s? My dad used to work on them when he was in the Navy and if I can install this and he can play around with it, it'd be really cool!
- I love it
- Weight to much to depart
- the only downside is, that there isn't any afterburners like the original lazer.
- Had they actually made the Naval F-22 variant in the 1990s, less people would be complaining lol. Great vid, nonetheless.
- Are these all on computer or xbox 1?
- The F-22 is an USAF aircraft and its such a big aircraft that the catapults on a carrier might not launch it. BTW the F-22 is a fighter it doesn't have a bombay.
- please stay away from link as it will break ur game, ive tried several times and all other mods work, this one is broken
- Jeff need more subs
- You mixed all branches together😊
- bro u landed the wrong way and there's something called an arresting cable
- Does it exsist a f-16 mod?
- A marine dressed in army uniform flys an airforce jet off a navy carrier?