GUNSHIP BATTLE : Fleet Attack - F-22 Raptor
Odsłon: 33657
Czas trwania: 10m 19s
Ocena tzw. rating: 294

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- I like that jet though, and how did you get that for free?
- over power attack bro awsome
- لعبه رررررررروعه والله
- how can i hack with no root the TICKET in gunship battle helicopter 3d version 2.1.8 to get the parts of f22 raptors please reply thank you
- OMG! your introduction made me check if the video is ending.....
- so col!!
- whats this hack name VIDEOS|9
- Just got the golden hornet......kinda feel like a boss now😂😂😂
- NICE VIDEO MAN! i just started this game last week and its very nice! Did u got the F-18 alredy?
(sorry for my bad english.. i'm brazilian)
- nro how to earn tickets. ?
- how to control up and down tilt sensivity?
- hey I'm back again but I will give you the details of this plane later
- raptor amazing
- ¿Por qué? esa misión tan fácil para probar el raptor, si con el Fortaleza de Vuelo es más que suficiente. Para ver que tan bueno es el juega los episodios 11 en adelante.
- como consigo los tickets
- 미사일이 원래기체안에서 나와야 되는데
- noooooooooooo tomorrow is the last day of the sale event what should i buy i can olny can buy 1 gunship by using gold please help me i stuck at episode 10 mission 7 counterattack but i feel that i not going to buy and i want to buy flying fortress because if i buy flying fortress i feel that i stoped the world war2 pls help me and how u get the free ticket we cant buy it but u get a rapter
- I want to ask you that if we try to draw for 10 times, we'll get a plane ??? and what will we get for a free draw ??
- nice video bro and 22raptor