Indian Air Force Su 30 MKI Exercise with Russian Pilots (Rare & Latest)
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- MKI is a very impressive bird.
- All porkistan....bussy fucking there mother ,sister...nd disliking Indian videos..
- Beautiful aircraft SU
- oye idiots, stop abusing mothers and sisters..
- Good video, but it needs more annotations.
- I have to agree Indian made a strong air force. good customer
- I wish my country's Airforce can meet even quarter of Indian's Airforce strength. I do wept for my country sometimes if I carefully see the achievements of Indian Airforce latest technological advancement towards improving their strength. I really and 100% support my current President to urgently look to the corruption that has eaten and reduced my country to nothing despite the huge amount of money been budgeted yearly for our armed forces my God help my country NIGERIA!
- jay hind sir
- I can see all porkistanies disliking this videos!
- That's all for long-range combat!? Flights that were built by princes of covering larger areas actually tell us about the way of thinking.
- India su30mki ~Malaysia su30mkm
- totally su 30. mig29 little bit fat and small you idiot. can you see the cana d?
- Lovely aircraft - and a lot bigger than it looks in pictures!
- MIG-29
- My father is a 60 Foxtrot guy. He asked me to convey his appreciation. Keep up the good work. :D
- Voted down. Those stupid blue, yellow and red rectangles asking people to click to see oter videos in this channel cover up over 50% of the viewing area of this video which is what I came to see. I addition this video does not show any flying Su 30s. One can skip this video and miss nothing, Misleading name to try and attract viewers.
- Nice
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