✬ "Joint Warrior" ✬ // Mirage 2000 and Eurofighter Typhoon
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Czas trwania: 3m 17s
Ocena tzw. rating: 130
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- Que estas diciendo? Q el Kfir es superior? Por favor, El Mirage es SUPERIOR.
Hay q saber de aviones.
Yo trabaje con ellos. Q orgullo para Mi Familia y para Mi.
- What is the music please ?
- 2:20 why is there transformers sign on pilots helmet? are those aircrafts can transform into a robots?
- Why ppl dont just enjoy?
- what's the song ? please
- Anyone who hates other nation and insults people from latinamerica in french, is not a peaceful man he most likely hates jewish people aswell. 
- usa is not in europe 
- El Kfir es superior!!
- Me pregunto si alfin Argentina se decidio por el Mirage 2000C? que Francia va a retirar. Saludos
- Yo buddy still alive? Alsome video as all ways. Btw my new halo video is up