Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor in HD
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- I've seen the Raptor perform, and it's minimum radius turn doesn't seem that impressive when you put it up against either the F-15 or F-18E/F Super Hornet. I honestly don't care about its performance, it's frikkin gorgeous. One of the most beautiful planes in the sky.
- Ф-22 легенда...
- Amazing
- Beautiful jet but feeble as compared to the flankers
- stupid video. No need for the music. This is the most advanced machine on earth and everybody who is watching this video knows this, or else they probably wouldn't have clicked on the video. The music makes this feel more like a Ford or Chevy promotional video and does the F22 absolutely no justice.
- love the song and the jey
- SkunkWorks finest baby! USA! Up there, somewhere, you know Kelly Johnson is smiling.
- 73 down votes from 73 scared little bronie pussies.
- Cool! Amazing jet!
- Thought the comments section would be full of people who love the plane...guess not :/
- https://medium.com/war-is-boring/the-indians-hate-their-new-russian-made-stealth-fighter-d89b9ce721de I'm just gonna leave this here for all you brainwashed Russian T-50 supporters
- Alien or aircraft? 
- Какая разница чей самолет лучше! Все ровно исход боя решит прокладка!)))
- Clearly one of thooooose people! Obviously a RT follower. First and for most, it isn't the job of the government to regulate homelessness, poor, education and healthcare. Secondly you can talk all that shit about my country, but at the end of the day you rely on us. We host more foreign students then any other country wonder why? And about healthcare we have the best. How and why are you so ignorant or just willfully ignorant? Our country will always be better then the hole in the wall of shit you call a home. Your facts are straight from nothing. Your probably a fat slob who sits on the computer all day absorbing bs instead of actually getting facts. In war there will always be collateral damage, why should we apologize? There leaders should apologize for doing nothing. If it wasnt for my brothers and sisters that continent you call home would be in ruins because there all to pussy to stand up and fight for peoples God given rights! Muslims have been killing each other for hundreds of years and yet there ideology tells them to kill american and jews and yet our ideology is somehow wrong? You sir are a disgrace! The trade centers main support was the outside steel cladding which is what the floors were mainly held up by also the inner steel but was inferior. The floors pancaked under extreme stresses and fire did you watch the video? Did you see the corner buckle right by the corner support? The first stood longer because it was a center impact fire was mainly the cause in that one. The second tower collapsed because of fire but mainly where the plane hit. And about Russia, they will be remembered as the superpower that never was. They have a cold war era navy, hardly no ships and the ones they have are 30+ years old. But when it comes to there Air force it is no joke. They do have some amazing fighters but why is everything russia vs usa? We have vowed to never let another country to be more powerful and influential then us. Why? Because of ww2 and dictators. Yet putin is seizing land and invading a country because of strategic interests as well as using brut force to persuade Arseniy Yatsenyuk to not join NATO. When we sit aside and never engage countries in diplomacy things like ww2 happen. I make no apologies for the weak president we have. But what I do know is my USA stands up for everyone with a voice, an ideal, a ginuine belief that everyone is equal, we are not perfect nor do we pretend we are without blame or sin, my brothers and sisters have died standing up for peoples rights every decade, everywhere which country has done the same? Which country has given trillions in aid? Which country fights another countries war to let the people have a say so in there system? Which country routes our terrorism when others turn a blind eye? Which country speaks up? Which country has the most diverse and powerful military? Exactly we will never stand by and let the world turn to a communist, socialist pool but im sure you would.
- Do not forget that this is someyhing designed to kill
- Worlds best fighter.
- Why does every video about Military Jets have to be bombarded with comments blasting either America or Russia? Can't we all just calm down and watch these beautiful birds in their natural habitat? :)
- #f22raptor