Lockheed Martin - F-35 Lightning II Stealth Fighter Capabilities [720p]
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- @3:27 See how he just scanned that spanner with a barcode scanner? It's probably a "special" spanner just for F-35 maintenance. You just saw ka-ching for Lockheed to the tune of $7,000
- EOTS for this aircraft is now obosolete. Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod is now state of the art. Insufficient space in forward section for new systems. Processor & cooling capacity is limited. All components are integrated so if one is changed it will force changes in a number of others. Consequently upgrade is not possible.

Another issue that nobody talks about is that the amount of data being created by realtime systems is increasing exponentially faster than processing power. It is no longer a data stream but a data firehose. Pretty soon it will be like trying to catch Niagara Falls in a sippy cup. Realtime network centric warfare is doomed to failure.

Finally, this aircraft has yet to actually demonstrate any of the "enhanced lethality" that LM is continually trumpeting. The most advanced thing about this program is its PR campaign.
- just get delayed.
this shit is the most expensive crap LOL
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better F-15se and YF-22 / YF-23 jetfighters
- On paper this aircraft is very good but in real ?
- Piece of shit plane. What a waste of money. They will never get it right, software was botched from the beginning. It's like repairing continual potholes in a Colorado freeway.
- Affordable???
- T-50 PAK FA