Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Stealth Fighter Cockpit Demonstrator Hands-On
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- Makes a great video game.
Too much data overload on the pilot.
He should be concentrated on fighting Migs rather than "aquiring data menus". Thats AWACS job.
They've basically tried to cram a whole Battle Group into one guys cockpit.
Chinese, North Korean & Russian pilots just have to worry about blowing your ass out of the sky.

Not impressed.
- does it have blue tooth ?
- i bet a40 y o su27 can beat the shit out of this airplane
- play online mode on US server 5555
- God this makes me proud to be an American we make some badass shit!
- say what you will about the f35, but this is awesome
- This is a beast
- Video went a bit invalid after the 7:20ish mark. The second you open your weapons bay doors, your radar signature is gone for those few seconds and those enemy fighters nearby would've seen for those few seconds that there's something in the air nearby.
- I'm not so sure huge touch screens without any haptic feedback are a good idea in a agile fighter jet.
- Can you play Angry Birds on it?
- Awful expensive though. For a plane that can only carry two bombs and two air to air missiles. And stealth was already defeated. I am sure that the technique used to do that has been refined. Without stealth, this plane is a sitting duck.
- But can I sync it with iTunes?
- LOL this plane only carries 4 weapons in the undercarriage. How ridiculous.
- coming to a store near you, the new iPlane.
- Wow! I am impressed. And this is just the stuff that's declassified. I can only imagine what some of our black programs look like. Gen VI fighter? Or AI unmanned?
- The F-35′s X-Ray Vision Is The Future Of Naval (And All Other) Warfare
- Just say the cockpit has 2 mounted IPads running surveillance camera apps
- This plane is amazing US tech
- Video game.....
- I thought I wanted to fly before. This video got me ampted!