Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II - The Joint Strike Fighter - Full Documentary HD 2015
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- Laundry Calender was needed for this skin!
- "Like everything else these days:  A Computer System built this Article!"
- The F-35 is coming along used an engine from f-22 raptor so it has plenty get up and go.
- the boeing one looks so ugly
- who ever did the music for this documentary is fucking retarded
- Last manned fighter? Well thats freakin boring. What about all the other people who wants to be fighter pilots. They don't want to just sit in a computer and control the plane from miles away letting the plane itself have all the fun. I mean where's all the fun in that. People want to be free in the sky and fly. Well not exactly free but you get the idea. Having the last manned fighter jet is kind of morale dropping if you ask me.
- Amount of advertising ruins this video!
- For several reasons (some not pleasant), this is probably going to be the last manned fighter ever designed and produced in the USA. Given the current mania for digital overkill in all devices, and given the vast feeding trough for defense contractors that this program offers, you would expect years of delay, massive cost overruns, and technological gold plating---like the $400,000 Buck Rogers helmets......And you would be correct!

It is almost certain that the F-35 will go down the same road that ended the F-22 program: vastly increasing cost per plane, resulting in lower production each succeeding year, resulting in even higher costs per unit.

"The Pentagon spent nearly $67 billion to design, engineer and deploy 187 F-22s between 1997 and 2012. However, the average price of each individual plane rose to $412 million by 2014 due to added modernization costs that ultimately led to a halt in production, according to the GAO."

So, a key justification for developing the F-35 was to bring down the unit cost per plane, but the total F-35 program lifecycle cost of $1 trillion (current dollars) is already far above that of the F-22 program. For 2015, the US Air Force estimates that the current cost of one F-35 is nearly $150 million (each), NOT including lifecycle maintenance costs & program delays---nor the anticipated additional modifications to resolve some of the problems revealed during testing in the summer of 2015.

The GAO is pessimistic that the F-35 unit costs can avoid the same escalation that brought down F-22 production.

But, do not expect key members of Congressional armed services committees to properly address this procurement scandal, because they are bought and paid for by the same defense contractors who are building the F-35.

For those of us who survive the coming war with Russia, China, Persia, etc., it will be very interesting to see how well the F-35 has performed in a nuclear-devastated environment, in which the complex and high-tech maintenance of these aircraft will be very difficult---if possible at all.

A lot of these aircraft will end up as very expensive scrap metal for survivalists to pick through.......