Magnificent F-22 Raptor Night Takeoff
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- fuck i hate f22. f15 eagle forever
- Awesome
- What a machine I just love this bird!!! (:p
- All that power!
- F-22 so sexy :)
- I wish they would have made enough of these. The more you make the cheaper they are. However many F-15s we had in service would have been a good number to shoot for. I don't mind my tax dollars going for top notch military equipment.
- Tem que ter algo +que isso e o F-35
- Love it!
- you dont see that very often f22 going full speed ahead
- Thanks for posting!!
- Very nice Takeoff :)
- awesome!
- Fuck yeah!!!
- Very cool! Thanks for the upload.
- Why is the pilot holding onto a glowstick?