MAKS 2015 MiG-35 Demo Flight
Odsłon: 101493
Czas trwania: 6m 13s
Ocena tzw. rating: 435

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- MIG-29 and MiG -35 is beatiful fight in russia ,su-27 no beatiful.
- You dont need to have the best pilots, which russia have... but with this plane, F-35 doesnt have a chance.
- I wonder what India saw in the french rafaels. Why didnt we get these? I wonder!!
- Sehr gute Flugzeug, auf jedem Fall besser als Tornado...und weitere scheiß.
Paar Stunden, und wieder einsatzbereit, Tornado braucht paar Tage))))
- it always seems that migs and f-## look very similar. (ie. mig-15 & f-86, f-4 & mig 23, mig-35 vs f-35)
- In my opinion the MIG-29 MIG-35 and F15 F16 are still the best looking fighter aircraft.
- su 35 is better than mig35
- The F-35 is a flying turkey. Get over it.
- шустрый)))
- India should have got mig35 in place of rafale
- Smaller version of SU35 and I prefer it
- God bless Russia!
- which one is better?? mig 35 vs t50??
- Amerikan planes flew like this once upon a time! Now, the military industrial complex is controlled by just a couple of manufacturers. In the land of the free and home of the brave, no more free market.
- what a creation!!!!!
- вот за это понятны санции, за открытие северного транспортного пути понятны, за отрубания газа по востоку понятны, за китай понятно. работаем товарищи! в правильном направлении пашем :)
- нихуясебе. а где законы физики? украина говорите? кому нафиг она нужна?
- impresionante las fuerzas Gs que soporta hasta 10... esos giros tan cerrados a maxima velocidad cualquier piloto pierde el conocimiento..
- BEAST :)))