Malaysian Air Force SU-30, MiG-29, F/A-18, Hawk. USAF F-15, F-22 in Action
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Czas trwania: 4m 14s
Ocena tzw. rating: 190

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- no.. actually malaysia have f-22.. but only 4 unit
- nk tnye malaysia ade jet F22 ke?
- f 22 baru lagi
- Damn barnes
- pilot nya orang indon tuh bkn asli malay
- bila masa malaysia ade f/a-18 ngan f22?
- No...NO...No...F22 is one of the best jet fighter none of the other country's jets even come close to F22 . If, don't believe start a war then you know what I am talking about...hahaha.
- jom main battlefield 4.. tengok siapa pro..
- seram giler siottt bunyi F-22 raptor
- indonesia tetap is the best power no 1 asian
- for freefly bypass alert
- AWAC here all u die at klsentral u bearing is 69% degree northeast 50kmh/phr
- Rafale stay the best option for Malaysia , it s the best Omnirole plane 
- I m indian and Russian aircraft is better than usa and india is using Russian aircraft since 1950 I think now india is purchasing su30mki and rafale 126 and now india abd russia are making new 5th genration 200 to 250 pak t 50 su35mki su 47 also good india wants 1000 fighter plane until 2020 and 101 fighter ship, 25 to 35 submarines and india has built arjun tank Mark 1 and mark 2 is on working 
- umm... kita ada ke f-22? yang saya tau, kita ada f-18 dan f-5 aje...
- terbaik...Love u all airforce malaysia..