MDD F-15 Eagle VS MiG-31 Foxhound
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- qua e o nome da música bem louco
- whats the difference between foxbat and foxhound?
- Миг пезже тем что он стоит в 2,5 раза дешевле. 5 мигов - это 2 F 15. Вот и подумайте. Еще у него скорость выше и ракеты он лучше всего сбивает.
- all this bickering. Every company trying to make planes based off the F-14D's technology. Lol.
- I thought the F-15 beaten a MiG-25?
- Mig 31 can still intercept almost anything.
- With all due respect to the Mig 31, the F15 track record is such that one can say that the F15 remains to this day the best fighter aircraft ever made. The F15 has no competitors and it s far from certain that the F35 will stand up to it. The only true challenge to the F15 is the F22 but the price and  the fragile high maintenance of the F22 make it unpractical in real life situations. The F15 is the best military aircraft ever to roll off an assembly line. If the US congressmen were not corrupted they would have upgraded the F15 instead of spending billions on the outageously expensive F22 and F35.
- los gringos se copiaron de los rusos el mig 31 es mas antiguo..
- The Mig-31 is a formidable fighter. But in this matchup, the F-15 Eagle will remain undefeated.
- Mig31 has a mulitargeting system and can communicate with other mig31's + the combination of groundcontrol system and huge scanrange. The enemy will never know what hit them.
- Mig-31 - 3000 Km/h
F-15 - 2655 Km/h
- Range & speed, mig 31 all the way, hands down.
- MiG-31 outranges F-15 but lacks manuverability for dogfight. Too heavy.
Long range: MiG-31
Short range: F-15

Further to that, the F-15 is a better all-rounder. The Mig-31 has "only" 6 hardpoints. The MiG-31BM is multirole but it still lacks hardpoints for the job and the F-15 has good speed (mach 2.5+), better manuverability and range (as in range of flight, not range of weapons as I mentioned in the beginning) and more hardpoints. So the F-15 is sadly a better choice. The '31 could measure up if it was modernised properly but instead they plan to retire it and replace it, which is from what I hear usually is even more expensive. It should be kept up to date and improved like the F-15, then it would be more of a challenge.
- The Mig-31 isn't even meant to shoot down an F-15. A B -1B, B-52, shit... Even a Tornado trying to hit Murmansk... Now that's a different story. But it'd be a tactical error if these two ever fought.

Now an Su-30 or 27.... That's a different story. 
- F-15 and Mig-31 is not planes for comparaton. F-15 is "heavy fighter" and mIG-31 are "interceptor". 
F-15 and SU-27 are matching planes.
- the F15 is the best air superiority jet ever I've seen an episode of dogfights call dogfights of the middle east that it can turn harder than the Mig21
- Also, the maneuver of 4:31 is impossible with the mig 31; it will stall and crash before even attempting much lesser things.
- The mig 31 loses in air combat as it is only slightly faster but only slightly more maneuverable than a F-111. One factor is that the AMRAAM might be less effective at higher altitudes. 
- Well, F-15 was copied from Mig-25
- The F15 would eat the Mig31 for breakfast lunch and dinner. Yes the latter is faster but has the manuevtability of a yacht and it wont be able to outrun a mach4 AMRAAM.