Mig 29 fulcrum vs F15 eagle
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- movie this is kor R2B
- Type in "The truth about the useless F22 & F35".
- the film name is R2b
- this is actually a Korean movie "Soar into the sun". If you look closely you will see the Korean mark instead of the American star. and these F 15 are F 15k the modify version of the F 15e, with a little more dogfight ability in them. if I am wrong correct me.
- mig29?? si sale un sukoi..
- This senario shows a dog fight, what's the likelyhood of the pilots ever getting to this point? What happens when the fight starts from beyond visual range?
- hmm interesting. usually i see comparison of fulcrum to falcon, not eagle. odd matchup here
- excellent MiG 29
- Such a fake ass video
- They say the the mig is better then us fighters but us fighters has shot down bothe su27 and mig 29 and no f16 f18 f15 has been shot down good job keep dreaming
- Mig-29 King The Sky
- More fun kiddie stuff. Not "real."
- Half of the scenes are from R2B: Return to Base..
- R2b 리턴투베이스
- Russian fantasy. They can have the video. I'll have the reality.
- I was in the airforce myself and i flew the F-15 and it was amazing,but this guy is just what,an F-15 is amazing of what it can do.
- SAM still pain in the ass...what ever aircratf its is..russian has s-600 ...
- Be honest know one knows whomwould win the f-15 or the mig 29.
But personally in real life I think the f-15 would win.
- This is the only way you will beat one...