MiG-29 OVT and MiG-35
Odsłon: 182530
Czas trwania: 4m 49s
Ocena tzw. rating: 451
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- Videl jsem je v akci MIG 29 je nadhernej stroj,slouzil jsem na letisti
- Nice!
- 2:20-2:30 magnificently!
- Красивые  наши машины )
- MIG - 29 and MIG- 35 are totally practical NEW PLANES WITH FULLY NEW SISTEMISMA on a plane and hypocritical BIH were no comparable F -15 and F -16 on that plane in every way this plane is much better especially the chance one on one because of this FLEXIBLE exhaust which AIRCRAFT offer incredible maneuverability when considering and new engines that are stronger and better and making new technology airframe with the latest radar and Raketu Russian planes are way ahead for much less money to get a better plane from the conduct of a cheaper and MUCH better performance .
- 0:43 ... very graceful !
- woooooooowww,badass.and when i say badass i mean " was that a DOUBLE SUPERCOBRA on 2:21"?
- You'll not see any video anywhere of a F-22 or the flying bathtub the F-35 doing any of these maneuvers they rely on stealth & Russia has radar that can see the so called stealth aircraft.So basically the American taxpayers have funded 2 aircraft at a cost unimaginable billions when they have a F-18 improved super hornet which is a better much more reliable cheaper aircraft
- One of SAM's took that F-16C down.  There was Gun Camera Footage of the shoot down. It wasn't on thing that fell victim to different SA's.
- clown "star" for circus
- 2:20-2:30 потрясающе)) красивейшие машины.. любовь на всю жизнь
- Gripen is Swedish Bullshit !!!
- Russia has certainly come a long way. Second to none as Americans used to be able to say.
- Mother RUSSIA rules