Mig-31 Foxhound __________ (Rare Videos)
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- must be cool to fly in one of those planes,,,
- Me parece una máquina formidable!.
- It reminds me of that Norwegian pilot who shat his panties when he encountered the true beast, Mig-31. An airplane which can fry your avionics merely by turning on the Zaslon radar - the first airborne ASEA in existence.
- C.C.C.PoweRussia
Greetings From Greece
- wow didn't know that plane had and still has such a potential!
- beautiful aircraft from all the parameters
- Very versatile aircraft
- Big and heavy fighter (please see it has 4 wheels) with maximum speed and can see and recognize some targets to destroy them all at once accurately
(produced after MIG 25 was landing in Japan, and the West studied and learned every inch of Mig 25), so that's why USSR produced MIG 31 with all ability and science they have, to make big steps to leave the ability and manuver of Mig 25 which have been "captured" ).
- sorry for the misshap..........gary
- This is one big badass Russian machine! Greetings from Romania!
- it looks like a flying refrigerator, but in a good way, this machine is a beast!
- 2.83M - not max speed of MiG-31, this is recomended speed. Max speed - >3.2M 
- panchito e aquí los mejores aviones del mundo....
- Es Fabuloso!!  es el interceptor más poderoso del planeta: MIG-31 "Foxhound"!!
- Когда полетели миг25 и миг31 sr71 перестал летать.
- Awesome machine..
- +Mtk Mcc According to Yefim Gordon, max range for supersonic intercept is 720kms. Subsonic and no drop tanks, 1200kms. With drop tanks, 1400 and with drop tanks and one refuelling is 2000kms. Max range with 4 R33 missiles at M2.35 is 1400kms.
- Assalamualaikum slamat datang teman semuanya apa kabar sore frends ok +Rahmawati Umi beserta rekan kami +jhuna kevin +Susi Lawati Lawati +Zakki Rolette +marta kusuma +Harry Smith +Jason Levy mengucapkan terima kasih
- One of the best fighter planes of the 80s, no doubt remained in the history of fighter aviation.
- Such a beast